Final testing begins for Covid-19 vaccine, nears approval

Final testing begins for Covid-19 vaccine, nears approval

- A Chinses vaccine against coronavirus presently in a trial in Brazil has gone into a third-approval phase

- Called the CoronaVac, if the final test goes well, there could be mass production of 120 million doses

- Test results of the promising vaccine according to a health official, Joao Doria, is expected to be ready within three months

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A Chinese-made vaccine against Covid-19 went into its final phase of test on Tuesday, July 21 in Brazil as volunteers believe it would go a long way in ending the pandemic.

The vaccine was developed by a private Chinese firm called Sinovac, making it the third vaccine in the world to enter Phase 3 clinical trial on humans, How Africa reports.

“We’re living in unique and historic times, and that’s why I wanted to be part of this trial,” said the 27-year-old doctor who received the first dose said.

Known as CoronaVac, about 9,000 health workers across six Brazillian states will get the vaccine in two doses over the space of three months.

The governor of Sao Paulo hospital, Joao Doria on Monday, July 20, said that the test results of thee vaccines are expected back within 90 days.

In the case that the vaccine proves effective against Covid-19, the institute in charge will be given the right to mass-produce 120 million doses.

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A random picture showing a scientist in the lab. photo source: The Scientist
A random picture showing a scientist in the lab. photo source: The Scientist
Source: UGC

Meanwhile, earlier reported that two Covid-19 vaccine candidates showed positive results in separate trials across the world.

In Britain, a trial saw 1,000 adults participating and had found that the vaccine had induced 'strong antibody and immune responses'.

Another trial took place in China and saw over 500 people taking part. This trial had also shown that most participants had developed a positive response against the virus.

Both possible vaccines have proven safe for human use and trials found that they had both produced strong immune reactions, according to doctors.

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In other related news, a Nigerian with the Twitter name ikay and handle @BABOONVIEW shared his Covid-19 isolation story with few words and four pictures.

In a post he made on Saturday, July 11, the man said that it is his first night at the centre and he really cannot complain.

He added a laughing emoticon to the tweet with the hashtag #CoronaPapa. In a subsequent tweet, he said his health is fine. @BABOONVIEW said he had to make the post because many people still believe that the virus is not real.

He said that he did not know he would ever be infected with the virus, adding that he cannot even say who got the deadly coronavirus from.

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