My relationship with Dada Boat was a lie - Gloria Sarfo confesses in video

My relationship with Dada Boat was a lie - Gloria Sarfo confesses in video

Actress Gloria Sarfo has finally opened up about her viral love-themed photo with top on-air personality, Mikki Osei Berko known popularly as Dada Boat.

While speaking in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM, Gloria indicated that the whole thing was a planned thing.

According to Gloria, the pre-wedding-themed photos of her and Dada Boat which went viral were from photoshoot they had in line with a project they were working on.

She finally opened up and said that her plan worked so well that even her close friends believed that she was actually getting married to the actor.

According to her, even her dad called to query her about the 'impending' marriage because he was yet to receive any customary drinks from anyone asking for her hand in marriage.

Gloria went on to indicate that the idea came one night when she was going to bed and looked at the photos she took with Dada Boat.

She said she saw that they looked like pre-wedding photos and posted them on Instagram with a caption she just made up.

All of a sudden, Dada Boat also caught on the trend and added his own post, making their relationship and impending marriage so believable.

Gloria added that her prank actually got her receiving a lot of sponsorship calls from big brands and companies asking to cover the cost of some aspects of the celebrity marriage.

She then went on to apologize to her fans and followers who believed the whole thing and also apologized to the men who had their hearts broken over her prank.


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