Predictz soccer predictions: accuracy and how to use in betting

Predictz soccer predictions: accuracy and how to use in betting

Betting on football can be challenging and sometimes frustrating and costly. To some punters, betting is just a pastime activity. Others see it as something that requires analytical thinking to increase their chances of winning a bet. But there are many more who depend on prediction services to help them place a bet. If you are in this category of punters, chances are you have come across the Predictz soccer predictions website.

Predictz soccer predictions: accuracy and how to use in betting
Source: UGC

Predictz is one of the best sites for getting predictions on various football events. It gives its users access to soccer tips, statistics, results, and league tables. You can also use it to get the recent form and trends of specific teams based on how they played the last couple of matches. By using Predictz soccer predictions, it will become easier for you to place a bet on any football match.

How does Predictz work?

Predictz works by displaying the latest football tips and predictions. It offers its services for free to all punters that need a platform they can use to improve their betting activities. The site has various types of tips, including:

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Multiple bet tips

Also known as accumulators, these consist of a series of tips picked from various single games. In other words, the tips can combine two or more selections of matches on one wager. The advantage of using them is that their winnings are higher.

Today’s tips

Today’s tips are also known as tonight's football tips. They consist of predictions for games that will be played on that particular day. The predictions usually come from hundreds of matches from different leagues across the world.

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Tomorrow’s tips

If you are unable to select a tip for games that are playing today, you can use this feature. It will allow you to pick a match or matches you think have a higher probability of winning tomorrow.

Predictz also displays tips based on leagues. For example, you can get predictions for the English Premier League alone or Belarus Premier League.

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How does Predictz determine its predictions?

Predictz soccer predictions: accuracy and how to use in betting
Source: UGC

Predictz uses different methods to come up with the predictions it displays on its website. Before giving you the tips for today’s games, for example, it will use a combination of different sets of data. They include:

Form and trends

The site will look for the teams that are on the best or worst form based on their recent results. In other words, these are the teams that have either won the most games since their last loss or have lost the most matches since their last win. It will also look at:

  • Goals conceded: The teams that have won many games without conceding a goal.
  • Home and away form: Teams that have won more games at home or away.
  • Goals scored: Teams that have scored more or fewer goals in the last matches.

The site also determines the teams that are best or worst at defending either at home or away before displaying the tips.

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H2H (Head-to-Head) is a statistic that helps Predictz to analyze a match. It shows the head to head results of games between two teams in their previous encounters. The stat assumes that if Team X has a better winning record than Team Z, chances are Team X will win the next meeting.

League position

Predictz uses this parameter because a team’s position on the league table can determine its possible result in the next encounter. Depending on the league, the top clubs tend to beat those that rank low. However, the accuracy of this stat is usually not relied upon because some bottom teams tend to be more motivated to win lest they get relegated.

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How to use Predictz to bet

The primary function of Predictz is to display tips that you can use to win a bet. If you are new to the Predictz soccer prediction site, here is how you can use it:

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  • After landing on the Predictz homepage, scroll through to look at the tips suggested for the day.
  • Once you find a game of interest to you, click on View Tip.
  • Next, read through the analysis and statistics offered by the site for that particular tip.

If everything is satisfactory, use the Predictz football prediction by placing it on your bookmaker’s website. If it is not, go back to the homepage and look for more games with better predictions.

What predictions does Predictz offer?

Predictz soccer predictions: accuracy and how to use in betting
Source: UGC

Predictz has many predictions for users of its service. You can use any of them depending on how you intend to place your bet. Available predictions include:

  • 1X2: It is the three-way betting where the site determines whether the game will end in a draw or the away or home team winning.
  • Both teams to score: Predictz offers tips to show you whether the match will end with both teams scoring or not.
  • Over/Under 2.5: These predictions help you to figure out if the game will end with both teams scoring less than three goals (Under 2.5) or three or more goals (Over 2.5).

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For most punters, the three-way tips are better to use, especially when considering factors like home/away form, goals scored/conceded, and head-to-head statistics.

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What are other services offered by Predictz?

Predictz is among the top accurate soccer prediction sites on the web. While you can use the site to get tips for soccer matches, it also offers other services that aid to improve your knowledge in football and betting. They include:

League tables

It is a service that allows you to check the most popular league tables from around the world. You can view the full table or tables based on home games and away games. These help to determine which teams are performing well generally or either at home or away and which ones are not.


You get to view the results of either a particular team or league. Punters can also get information about kick-off times. If you had placed a wager and you do not know how the encounter ended, this is the feature you can use on Predictz.

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Predictz soccer predictions: accuracy and how to use in betting
Source: UGC

Predictz displays odds for various betting markets. You will get odds for markets like 1X2, Both Teams to Score, Over/Under 2.5, Draw No Bet, Half Time-Full Time, Result and Both Teams to Score, and Results and Over/Under 2.5. The odds on the website are for bookmakers that are offering the best prices for that particular match.

Bet offers

If you are new to betting, it can be challenging to determine which bookmaker to use or which one has the best offers for the day. With this service, you get to know which bookie has the best welcome bonuses for new punters. Also, it allows you to know which betting sites have the best odds for specific games.

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Are Predictz soccer predictions accurate?

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While Predictz uses many variables to come up with the best tips for the day, it is not 100% accurate. Anybody who watches football knows that it is a game that can change anytime, especially based on things that are ongoing on the pitch.

Predictz tips do not factor in things like red cards, injuries, weather, wrong referee decisions, player morale, new coach, among others. If you want to use the site to bet on matches, make sure you also research more on these factors. But in general, the site has an accuracy of between 50% and 60%.

Predictz is one of the best websites for selecting tips. You can use the Predictz soccer predictions to place a winning bet. If you want to improve your chances of winning while betting, use the site’s statistics, forms, and trends to determine which teams are favourites in their encounters.

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