Lady takes homeless girl clothes shopping and melts the hearts of many

Lady takes homeless girl clothes shopping and melts the hearts of many

- A homeless girl had her day made by a generous lady who decided to buy her some new clothes

- The story which was shared by Lethabo Delight Mohlala, in popular Facebook group #I'mStaying, received nearly 10 000 reactions from the app user who were touched by the woman act of kindness

- The unidentified kind woman also gave the young homeless girl money to buy toiletries

Life on the streets has never been easy. Not knowing where your next meal will come from is a struggle known all to well by those unfortunate enough to find themselves having to go to bed without a roof over their heads.

While not everyone who would like to gift the less fortunate is able to, its always nice to see that those who can, are doing their part. Which is probably why, when this kind stranger brought a young homeless girl into a store to buy some clothes, Lethabo decided to capture the moment.

The young girl walked away not only with a brand new outfit but also with money to buy toiletries and perhaps a little change for food. This heartwarming act of kindness touched the hearts fo thousands of people who thanked the unknown generous giver for being a shining example of what it means to be a good person.

Lady takes homeless girl clothes shopping and melts the hearts of many.
Kind-hearted woman stands beside the homeless girl. Source: Facebook/Lethabo Delightful Mohlala
Source: UGC

Here are some of the comments.

@Minashnee Mahess said:

"May that purse that was so willingly opened be always abundantly full."

@Anny Nxumalo said:

"Beautiful.... And u can see she's a lady that loves to look her best... Grateful for her act off kindness."

While this user shared why it was important to see other people performing great acts of kindness.

"The way I see it, posting pictures of people that you have or are assisting is not a bad thing for these reasons. Firstly, it motivates the next person to do the same thing and to realise that you don't have to be wealthy to help someone.Secondly, if the person is homeless or doesn't know/have family, pictures can help locate long lost relatives.Thirdly, it could be that consent to take or post pictures on social media was given by the individual that is being assisted.We don't know what was discussed behind certain pictures and we need to stop thinking one sided because sometimes tunnel vision is not good."

Meanwhile, in other news, a young doctor shares how she had to beg, borrow, and steal to make a success of herself. Dr. Thandeka Mazibuko's story has been met with a celebration on Facebook after it was shared on Varsity World's page.

In the post which accompanies a picture of the smiling doctor, she explains how she managed to obtain her Ph.D. while facing heaps of financial difficulty.

Her inspirational story was met with praise and congratulatory messages from many Facebook users.

Source: Yen Ghana

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