9-year-old boy's heartbreaking plea for a mum and dad goes viral

9-year-old boy's heartbreaking plea for a mum and dad goes viral

- A young boy might get his wish fulfilled after his heartfelt plea to get adopted caught the attention of thousands of people

- Jordan was sharing his adoption journey with viewers when he made the requests

- But it was his earnest admission that his greatest wish was for a family that struck a chord with more than 5,000 people from all over the country

A nine-year-old boy has received over 5000 adoption requests from people around the United States (US) after issuing an emotional plea begging for a mum and dad.

The boy only identified as Jordan was three years old when he was taken into the care of the State’s Department of Human Services in Oklahoma in the United States.

9-year-old boy's heartbreaking plea for a mum and dad goes viral
Jordan received over 5000 adoption requests following his plea. Photo: News Australia.
Source: UGC

A report by News Australia showed after spending six years in the foster care the young boy now wanted a permanent place to call home.

He made the request during a local news segment saying if he was granted three wishes he would only ask for a family — that was the only wishes he had noting

“Or just a mom. Or just a dad – I really do not care. The reason it is important is that so I could have some people to talk to anytime I need to. I hope one of you will pick me," he said.

Just 12 hours after making the heartbreaking plea, more than 5000 people inquired about adopting him.

Jordan, also said during the interview that he was sad he does not get to see his little brother Braison anymore - he was adopted in 2019 and he too hopes for a family

The boy added that if he could go anywhere in the world, he would choose to go to an adoption party for a home.

Jordan’s wish may soon become a reality after his permanency planner revealed that it had since received thousands of submissions to adopt Jordan.

“I’m in the process of reading through those profiles to select a family to try to move forward with,” state worker Christopher Marlowe said.

The nine-year-old is among more than 400,000 children currently in foster care across the US and Marlowe said Jordan had been through a whole lot of trauma as compared to other children.

Since Jordan’s desperate plea went viral, the state worker said it has had to recruit other staff to help go through the staggering amount of applications.

But he expects Jordan to be part of a loving family within six months as Jordan is unaware of his viral fame as it wants to be careful not to get his hopes up after being let down previously.

The state is also hoping to find a family based in Oklahoma to keep Jordan and his brother Braison closer to one another.

“His brother’s adoptive family has been agreeable to that and even if things go well, they said they would be willing to take them out so they could spend some time together,” he said.

Many have also taken to social media after hearing about Jordan’s touching plea with some saying they would welcome him to their home in a heartbeat.

Source: Yen Newspaper

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