Newest Bosom Pyung songs and videos 2020

Newest Bosom Pyung songs and videos 2020

Bosom Pyung, also known as Prince Ofori is a budding Ghanaian musician who has taken the industry by storm. He started as a hype man and has grown since then. Bosom Pyung songs, his unique style, fantastic dance moves, and signature looks have earned him a place at the table with the other big names in the industry.

Bosom Pyung songs
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Pyung was born in Bono Ahaho. His name is an alias that was carefully chosen, and that is very meaningful. Bosom is a Twi word that means lesser god, P stands for Prince, and Yung refers to the fact that he is the youngest of five in his family. His music style is "traditional trap music," which is an interesting twist on the typical trap music most of us are used to listening to. He claims that his genre is a mixture of every genre.

Before he released his song, Atta Adwoa, Bosom Pyung was relatively unknown. However, the song quickly catapulted him to fame. The song was already quite popular, but this increased almost tenfold after singer Sakordie shared a short video of it on all his social media platforms. Many fans who heard the song end up listening to more songs by him.

Bosom Pyung songs

Although this artist is relatively new, it is undeniable that he has the talent and the grit that is required to make it in the music industry. All of his fans, and even those that aren’t fans, agree that he has what it takes to be even greater than he is.

1. Atta Adwoa

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In August 2019, Bosom was inspired by what was happening in his personal life, and he recorded this song. When he released it, he had no idea that it was the song that would change his life forever.

After Sarkodie promoted the song. It currently has almost 2 million views on YouTube, and the number keeps rising daily. The Bosom Pyung mp3 download can be found on Deezer, and you can listen to it for free.

2. Odo Ndwom

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Odo Ndwom is an R&B/soul song that has touched the hearts of many listeners. The video is very creative, and the visuals are incredible. It is safe to say that Bosom and his signature red hair never disappoints his fans.

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3. Berma

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A few months ago, the star released a new song called Berma that left his fans hungry for more. You can access the Bosom Pyung video download for this song on several websites. The rhythm and flow on this song are unmatchable, and if you are a trap music fan, you will definitely enjoy this hit.

4. Wonhuso

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This song lies firmly in the dance/electronic genre. The song premiered on YouTube on May 2nd and has garnered more than a few thousand views since then. The beats are quite catchy, and anyone who listens will find themselves dancing. Bosom brought his usual elegance to this song, and the crisp vocals and beats are enough to get him new fans.

5. Hold Me Tight

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This song has been in the minds and hearts of every Bosom Pyung fan since it was released. His clever lyrics and incredible flow make this song one that is sure to make your day better. As always, the music video is incredible, and it is clear to anyone who watches it that a lot of work and love was put into its creation.

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6. GyimiGyimii

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Of all the Bosom Pyung songs download available, this is the one that is close to matching the fame of Bosom’s original hit. The song already has almost 50k views on YouTube, although it premiered less than two weeks ago. The official visuals video is awesome, and the acting is on point. Somehow Pyung found a way to balance creativity and classiness in this video, and the fans love it.

7. Buokoo

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This song is the ultimate explanation for what traditional trap music is for someone who is not familiar with Bosom’s signature genre. The beats are awesome especially because of the African beats that spice it up. His flow and his creativity with his lyrics never cease to amaze.

8. Days Before Awiesu

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Every Pyung fan agrees that his vocals are the centerpiece of this song. Without the crazy beats that are present in his other songs, he is able to play with his vocal range and pitch. The result is an awesome song where his abilities as a vocalist shine through.

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9. Ahokyer3 Y3 Difoo

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Pyung collaborated with Cabum and Kewku Smoke for this club banger. There is no way a song with this much talent on it could be bad. True to his reputation, Pyung was able to collaborate with these two artists whose styles are a bit different from his and managed to retain his originality. Every Pyung fan should listen to this song.

10. Asabone

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This song is by Bosom and Lord Paper. As always, Pyung’s ability to blend his style with other artists is unmatchable. Both artists are great in their own way, and having them together on a song just elevates it.

11. Gyration

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Gyration is an awesome track that has a lot of views, although it is only audio. Fans have asked Pyung for a video for the song, and although they haven’t gotten a response yet, it is easy to see that it will be just as awesome as all the other things that Pyung has produced.

It is evident that this is Bosom Pyung’s year, and his songs are really trending right now. Bosom Pyung songs mp3 download are available. All you have to do is a quick search and then you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful music that the fan-favorite has provided. His songs are amazing, and anyone who hasn’t listened to them yet definitely should. reported that Shatta Wale reportedly features Meek Mill in his new song. The news was released by Meek Mill's fan page on Instagram. Shatta Wale had hinted before that a collaboration between him and Meek Mill might be in the works.

While this has not been confirmed to be either true or not, most fans speculate that it might be true since Meek Mill recently started following Shatta Wale on Instagram.

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