Honest car guard celebrated as a hero as he returns lost money to rightful owner (Photo)

Honest car guard celebrated as a hero as he returns lost money to rightful owner (Photo)

- A kind car guard has been dubbed a hero by a stranger after he returned money that the man lost in a parking lot

- Franco Mbhu took to Facebook to thank the pure-hearted car guard for his honesty

- Facebook users responded to the post by applauding the car guard's honest actions

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Many South Africans are no strangers to tough times. Losing money can be a very heartbreaking experience while randomly picking it up can bring so much joy. This is why giving the money back to the person who lost it can take a great amount of decency - a quality possessed by only a few.

When a car guard named Thabang, who found a stranger's money laying in a parking lot, returned the money to the stranger, he was dubbed a hero. Franco Mbhu took to Facebook to share the story of how he had lost his R600 cash in the parking lot at Boulder shopping mall in Midrand.

"Here is my hero of the day. Earlier in the day this gentleman Thabang, a car guard from Boulders shopping mall in Midrand. I accidentally dropped R600 in the parking lot when I was removing my phone from my pocket without realising on the spot, then as I was driving out the mall I realised that my pocket was empty, no funds nothing.
"I immediately I went back where I was [parked], fortunately this champ was still around. I then politely asked him if he didn't see any money around the area because I've just lost my R600. Unexpectedly Thabang said to me, "I got it bro." I couldn't believe that people of this calibre are still available around us."
"Hero of the day": Car guard returns lost money to worried stranger
Franco poses with good-natured Thabang. Source: Facebook/FrancoMbhu
Source: UGC

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"Dear friends help me to say thank you to Thabang, if it was somebody else it could have been a totally different story. Not only that he gave me the money back but for the spirit of ubuntu and faithfulness that is in Thabang. Thank you brother. I really appreciate it. You're my hero. May God bless you abundantly," he finished.

Facebook users did as asked and joined in to applaud Thabang for his good-hearted ways. Read some of their comments below.

Thabo Kgapola said:

"Wow that's a great BIG THANKS TO THABANG."

Jeremiah Mashia said:

"May the Lord enlarge his territory and grand him the desires of his heart."

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