How to use Forebet for football prediction

How to use Forebet for football prediction

Football is one of the few sports that have a global audience. While different leagues worldwide have many similarities, it is hard to predict matches outcomes because of different factors. Fortunately, Forebet has a progressive and scientific-based approach to predicting matches in all major football leagues.

How to use Forebet for football prediction
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Through using big data, the soccer prediction site has been able to revolutionise betting. While Forebet tips aim to give you an upper hand when placing bets, they also expand your knowledge on football in the process. Therefore, football pundits can also use the website to study teams and predict different league competitiveness.

Forebet website’s layout and interface

As one of the leading tipsters for football fans, the site is easy to navigate. Regardless of whether you want to check live results or teams’ histories, the site is unmatched. Also, the panels are user-friendly, irrespective of whether it is your first time looking for betting tips or not.

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Also, Forebet supports different gadgets without compromises. If you are using a phone to navigate the Forebet predictions for today, you will have a smooth browsing experience. The same case applies to desktop users who apart from viewing projections on larger screens can navigate the site easily.

Forebet has a perfect balance of colours and graphics. The muted approach makes the site an ideal home to different people looking for betting tips. Also, regardless of your gadget’s screen, you will enjoy high-quality graphics on the site.

The website has different columns for different leagues. If you are looking for English Premier League matches, you can click to the dedicated column. The site also has a live stream and previous results’ columns for users interested in looking at results’ highlights.

Site accessibility and payments

Forebet is a free site. You do not need to pay to see football predictions and analysis. Although the site offers free picks and in-depth analysis on all football games in major leagues, every piece of information is based on statistics and mathematical analytics.

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The site is accessible on all gadgets with an internet connection. Therefore, you can use the site as a reference site when placing a bet without leaving your browser. Also, you can access the site anywhere in the world without masking your IP details.

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Live scores and results’ updates

Apart from predicting match results before official kick-off, Forebet also updates users on live games. Each game has a dedicated webpage to update people on the game progress and the possible results based on the playing style.

How to use Forebet for football prediction
Source: UGC

The live score feature on the website is critical for two reasons. First, it gives you more information on the possible outcome. However, the live score is more important for people willing to add continuing games to their betslip. Different betting companies have updated betting options to include live bets.

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Forebet updates users on the number of cards (yellow and red) on each team and the possible impact of the cards on odds. Also, the site informs users on game possession. If the ball possession is 70% to 30%, the team with higher possession has more chances of scoring compared to the other.

Finally, the site also updates the users on substitutes and when a player is sent off after red card. This piece of information is also critical in predicting game results.

Prediction options on Forebet

Just like other betting prediction platforms, Forebet comes with a variety of features that may be useful to users. You need to know what they are and how to use them in order to get the most out of the Forebet prediction algorithm. The features that make Forebet a unique website in the world of football include:

1. In-play predictions

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If you like live bets, the site has in-play predictions. They give possible outcomes such as the team that will score first and whether individual players will impact the game or not. This can help you to increase your chances of winning a bet as the game progresses.

2. 1×2 predictions

The feature is arguably the most popular option for football punters. The 1×2 prediction gives you the probability of each team winning. 1 means the home team will win while 2 means it is a win for the away team.

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3. Fulltime and half time predictions

A team may have different results in each 45-minutes halves. The site predicts the possible outcomes on each half. You can use these predictions to select the team that will win in the first half and the one that will emerge with victory after the whole game.

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4. Under or over 2.5 goals prediction

Goals scored are arguably the hardest thing to predict in football. However, the site scientifically predicts possible goals in each game and whether the total goals in a match will be three or less.

In addition to the four features, the site gives you possible goal scorers, correct score, Asian handicap and double chance predictions.

Forebet accuracy

Is Forebet accurate? Compared to other similar sites, Forebet claims to be more precise and objective. However, it would help if you remember that no one can claim to know the outcome of a football match since it depends on a wide range of factors. Some of these factors are not known until they happen during the game.

Although odds predicting is not a new niche in betting, Forebet has introduced some innovative approaches to calculating possible outcomes. Some prediction tools include:

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Football big data Thanks to the internet, it is easy to access all the team’s data. For example, it is possible to retrieve the team’s performance for years. Although the information is available to the public, few sites have the structures that can use big data in computing odds.

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How to use Forebet for football prediction
Source: UGC

Luckily, Forebet incorporates the big data in analysing possible results. For example, if a team has qualified and won the UEFA Champions League before, it will have a competitive edge against younger and inexperienced teams.

However, there are few exceptions when predicting results based on history. For example, the site’s odds predicted RB Leipzig (a relatively new team) qualifying to UEFA semi-finals against Atletico Madrid, despite the Spanish team having a more experienced team.

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Data mining

To make accurate predictions, Forebet analyses the teams' chances to win based on previous performances. Data mining, in this case, differ from football big data in terms of timeframe. For example, teams such as AC Milan and Nottingham Forest are previous UEFA Champions League winners, but they are not competitive.

Forebet creates a distinction between a team's previous successes to its current form to make a realistic prediction. In most cases, data mining in football gives a realistic and accurate forecast.

In the 2020 UEFA Champions League, Forebet predicted a win for Bayern Munich, despite PSG having one of the best teams in the world. Also, the prediction was based on the Bayern Munich exceptional results against Barcelona.

Match developments

The third and the most critical prediction tool on Forebet is match development. Before a match, many possible events can affect the results. Some of the main pointers used by Forebet include:

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1. Availability of live audience

All the matches played without an audience are difficult to predict. Fans create an environment that may change the game results, especially in favour of the home team. For example, big Spanish teams such as Barcelona FC are more competitive in a full Camp Nou compared to an empty stadium.

In the recent predictions on Forebet, this aspect has been a consideration. Therefore, most forecasts in the recent past have been unprecedented due to the lack of a live audience.

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2. Team injuries

Forebet considers team injuries when predicting results. If key players are injured, the opposing team may have added advantage in that game. While the results may not affect future results, it is such developments that make football hard to predict.

Luckily, all Forebet weekend predictions consider team injuries. Before placing a bet, check match developments in Forebet.

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If you want to make a well-thought bet on a football match in any major leagues, you should consider checking predictions. This is where sites like Forebet come in. Forebet has different features, and unlike other premium sites, it does not have a paywall. However, keep in mind that what this and similar sites give is an outcome that the algorithm finds to be most likely to occur and not necessary the real outcome.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be solely relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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