How to use LinkedIn to get a job in 10 simple ways

How to use LinkedIn to get a job in 10 simple ways

LinkedIn is a job seeker’s best friend. Many people go there because of how professional and great of a search engine for jobs the platform is. However, you should first know how to use LinkedIn to get a job. Make your profile more presentable because the first impression counts.

How to use LinkedIn to get a job
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Recruiters and employers use wide criteria when looking for professionals to recruit. One of the things they use is keywords. Your skills and endorsements section should have the appropriate keywords for recruiters to spot you swiftly. The right keywords will be easily featured in recruiters’ search results.

How to use LinkedIn to get a job

Research on what recruiters look for depending on the profession you are in. Do not use initials or shorten the words as this will make you invisible to potential employers. The following are ways you can get LinkedIn jobs without sweating.

1. Update your profile often

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Having a strong profile on LinkedIn is not enough. You may list all your qualifications and achievements, which may only be relevant for a certain period. It is important to update your profile every time you learn a new skill or enrol in a new course.

List your advancements annually if you can. If you are a programmer, add any other new programming skills you have even as you add new languages.

Employers get impressed by people who show progress in the field they are practising. They will see you as a valuable employee in their company if they ever think of considering you for employment.

2. Be an active user

Professionals focus on LinkedIn more than any other social media platforms for a reason. If you are serious about your career, be an active user on LinkedIn as much as you are on other social media platforms.

Share posts that will interest other users who want to connect with you. While sharing, do not, however, get carried away with the posts and overdo it.

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Do not be that user who keeps posting after every hour. Make your page look decent by scheduling your posts. Do not post vulgarities or things that will turn potential employers away.

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3. Think of LinkedIn Premium

The free LinkedIn can get you the jobs you want. LinkedIn Premium, however, increases your chances of getting your dream job. For a minimum of $29.99 per month, you will get benefits that regular LinkedIn users do not get.

The subscription will link you to better connections and move your correspondence to the top of the company’s mailbox that posted the job. It will also enable you to view the full information of people that viewed your profile.

With LinkedIn Premium, you get access to InMail. This feature makes it possible for you to have direct contact with everyone on the platform. This includes people that are not on your current contact.

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How to use LinkedIn to get a job
Source: UGC

4. Keep researching

Finding jobs through LinkedIn is easy as you can get the advertisements by entering your qualifications on the job channel. Keep browsing and researching, even if you do not find jobs that match your criteria. Many employers use LinkedIn to get recruits.

The more you search, the more you are exposed to many jobs. Use “Discover Jobs in Your Network” as many times as possible as it links you to people in the same area of specialization.

This feature will also help you expand your network of contacts. LinkedIn has “People Also Viewed” list. Click on that list any time you can as it leads you to people and postings that may not be on your feed.

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5. Use a professional photo

This may seem like an obvious thing, but not many users understand how vital a professional photo is. What do recruiters see when you apply on LinkedIn? Your profile photo is the first thing they see.

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Do not use photos that show you dressed in an unprofessional manner. The pictures should be clear and without filters. Do not add features that disguise your identity.

Unprofessional photos show how unserious one is. You are free to use images that show your crazy wardrobe on other social media sites, but LinkedIn is different.

Do not forget to consider the lighting and location you are in. Pictures taken in clubs are a no. Clear portrait photos are the best for LinkedIn.

6. Be more accessible

How do you use LinkedIn to find a job after creating an account? Ensure that you indicate ways through which an interested party can contact you.

For many users, the focus is put on the profile, forgetting other important things like contact details. You may have bagged a good opportunity, but if the interested party fails to see clear contact, they may pass the opportunity to someone else.

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Add in your email address, a phone number, and the contact of your current place of work.

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7. Get visual

Is LinkedIn a good way to find a job? Yes, if used correctly. An image attracts more attention than just plain text. Having pictures, videos, and GIFs will get your page more exposure than just having text.

You can upload pictures of yourself while working on a project or when at work to show whoever is interested in what you deal with. When doing courses and certifications, upload your certificates on your profile.

Upload your certificates the same way you list your qualifications. Post your awards or degrees every time you attain them. LinkedIn has a SlideShare, which can help you arrange your certificates. You can also make a decent video offline and add it to your profile.

How to use LinkedIn to get a job
Source: UGC

8. Avoid using cliché lines

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Employers want to see a creative person who is ready to put in work. As a job seeker, do not sell yourself short or appear to be desperate. Don’t look hopeless in your posts.

Avoid using cliché words and phrases that may turn the potential employer off. If employed, avoid mentioning the jobs that you are searching for.

Do not say that you are looking for new opportunities while you have your current job listed. Avoid phrases like “job seeker”, or “in transition”. Employers tend to bypass pages with such words.

9. Keep your other online accounts decent

Why are recruiters not contacting me on LinkedIn? Your online presence gives a negative image of your character. While many employers may look at your profile, some go the extra mile and check your Facebook and Instagram.

Keep your Facebook clean and neat. As someone looking to further their career, having a Facebook account that presents a careless person may block you from your dream post.

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If an employer dislikes how your account is set up, they may drop you and go for the person with a clean account. Freedom of speech is encouraged, but having radical views against a company’s policies may make you lose a lifetime opportunity.

10. Contact recruiters

Using your account to contact hiring managers directly is one of the best ways to use LinkedIn for job hunting. Your message to them may give you a higher chance than people who contact them through other means.

Sending a direct message to executives and human resource managers also shows that you are confident with your skills. When sending the message, make a brief introduction of yourself, and find a common ground. Mention mutual professionals if you have any and compliment them professionally.

Many people may have a huge social media presence but do not know how to use LinkedIn to get a job. As someone who is looking for a new or better job, maximize your use of LinkedIn. Posting your CV is not enough. Make it charming and fancy for interested parties.

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