WhatsApp Business APK download and features 2020

WhatsApp Business APK download and features 2020

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networking apps in the world. Unfortunately, like many social networking apps and sites, it has not always been readily accepted in workplaces. WhatsApp Business APK has been created with business owners in mind. According to the developers, it is the app that will make communication between business owners and clients seamless.

WhatsApp Business APK download and features 2020
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The launch of WhatsApp Business is one of the latest efforts to integrate social media into the business world. While social networking websites like LinkedIn are more suited for the corporate environment, others like Instagram have enabled many businesses to attract clients. WhatsApp Business aims to enable seamless interaction between small businesses and clients.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is simply the business version of the WhatsApp Messenger app. It was designed specifically for the business world, and more particularly, small organizations.

With the new app, organizations can now have separate accounts. On top of that, they get to enjoy additional features that make communicating with their customers (and prospective customers) easier.

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What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

The business version of the app is designed based on the Messenger app. Therefore, there are quite some similarities, especially with the user interface. However, there are several notable differences, such as:

  • Logos: the logos for both apps are similar in the way they look and colour. However, the business version comes with a “B” enclosed while the Messenger version has a call icon enclosed.
  • Business profile creation: the app requires organizations to create a business account. Each organization will then receive a verification mark that will appear on the chat bubble.
  • Reporting tools: the new version comes with reporting tools to help them measure and track their use of the platform.
  • Advanced messaging tools: the app will also feature advanced messaging tools to improve interactions between organizations and their clients/customers.

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Top features of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business APK download and features 2020
Image: apps.apple.com/whatsappbusiness
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If you are running a small business, you may have found that many communication apps are lacking. Will WhatsApp business help? Here are some of the features that you can expect from the new app?

  • Business profile: Profiles for the new app are more detailed than those of the Messenger app. Organizations can enter details such as location, category, operating hours, nature of the business, etc.
  • Registration using landline numbers: With WhatsApp Messenger, you can only register an account with your mobile number. However, with the new version, organizations can use fixed or landline numbers. Therefore, it is easy and convenient for entities that already have existing landlines to open an account.
  • Advanced chat features: The business app version features unique messaging tools such as greeting messages, away messages, and pre-defined quick replies.
  • Statistics and reporting: The WhatsApp Business app comes with a statistics tab in the profile section, where an organization can access various metrics.

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How to use WhatsApp Business?

Using the WhatsApp business app is very easy; just like using the personal version. Download and install the application into your device. Then, launch it and register an account – using either a mobile, landline or fixed number.

After you are done with registration, follow the on-screen instructions to have your account verified. From here, you will be able to use the app to interact with various parties – customers, employees, other businesses, among others.

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What are the benefits of using WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business APK download and features 2020
Image: whatsapp.com
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There are several benefits of a WhatsApp business account. Since the app is designed to enable seamless communication between businesses and clients, most of the benefits revolve around communication. They include:

1. Faster and more engaging internal communication

Several organizations suffer from inefficient internal communication. Most face lengthy delays, while others don’t reach everyone. And with some newer technologies, additional training is needed.

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However, when it comes to WhatsApp Business, most employees are likely to be using the Messenger version of the app. Therefore, no training is needed.

On top of that, you might find that they are hooked on to the app. Therefore, you will have an easier time reaching any employee you want. You can even create different groups, leading to a more social, and consequently, effective internal communication system.

2. Improved interactions with customers

Emails, newsletters, and other forms of digital communications are not 100% engaging. As such, they are likely to be ignored by some customers. On the other hand, many people will be wary of picking calls from unknown numbers.

Messages, however, are more personal and less likely to be ignored, especially when coming from a verified organization. On top of that, WhatsApp business offers exciting chat features that can drastically improve your customer engagement.

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3. More efficient customer service

One of the main challenges small businesses face when it comes to customer support is delays. However, with WhatsApp Business, these organizations can interact with their customers instantly and offer them solutions. This will, in turn, lead to happier and more loyal customers.

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4. Improved marketing campaigns

With at least 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the largest social media platform. Therefore, it offers a broad reach, making it an excellent choice for marketing campaigns. By using WhatsApp business, organizations can target thousands to millions of potential customers. And the best part is, using the platform is free.

WhatsApp Business APK download – where to get it?

WhatsApp Business APK download and features 2020
Image: whatsapp.com
Source: UGC

Are you looking to use the WhatsApp Business platform? It's straightforward! The only thing you need is to download the latest app and install it on a supported device. So, where can you get the application?

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There are two versions of the application that you can download:

1. The official WhatsApp Business app

You can download the official WhatsApp Business app for use on your phone and computer. For iOS users, you can download the app from the App Store. On the other hand, Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. The web version works in a similar way to WhatsApp web.

2. The WhatsApp Business mod APKs

These are third party modifications to the app, which are not authorized by WhatsApp Inc. They include the:

  • GB WhatsApp Business APK: GB WhatsApp was a mod version of the Messenger app. It is almost similar to YoWhatsApp. The same organization that developed the app is not offering a mod for the business version.
  • WhatsApp Business Plus: another modified version of the app. For WhatsApp Business plus APK download, go to any of the mod or download sites advertising the application on the internet.

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Note: WhatsApp Business mods are not verified apps. Downloading them can be a risky attempt, as they can infect your device with malware. A ban might also be placed on your account, just like WhatsApp did to people using WhatsApp messenger mods.

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Is WhatsApp Business free to use?

Yes! Just like with the WhatsApp Messenger app, the new app version is free to use. You won't be charged anything to download the app either. The only charges you will incur will come from purchasing data bundles from your internet service provider.

Which devices are supported?

The business app was first developed for Android smartphones and tablets. However, it is now supported on iOS devices and by extension, you can use the web version on Mac. You can also use WhatsApp Business on your Windows PC too.

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Can I use the same number for WhatsApp Business?

No. While you can have both a personal and business account, they must be linked to different numbers. If you want to use WhatsApp business with your Messenger number, you must migrate the account to the business platform.

In recent years, WhatsApp Messenger has grown into the top messaging app, even making its way to businesses and offices. Now, companies can benefit from even more advanced features with WhatsApp Business APK. From advanced messaging features to statistic tools, comprehensive business profiles, and more, there is a lot to gain from the new app.

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