Teen adds a little goodness in the world, builds desks for needy kids

Teen adds a little goodness in the world, builds desks for needy kids

- A teen has warmed many hearts after deciding to build study desks for less fortunate kids

- Colby Samide from Purcellville, Virginia, realised that students will be doing a lot of school work at home due to the pandemic

- He also noted that many of them would not be able to afford pricey desks and so he set out to build ones for them

Colby Samide from Virginia in the US has touched many hearts and lives with his great act of kindness. The coronavirus crisis has resulted in tough and uncertain times for many all across the world. Those hardest hit by the unfortunate pandemic are the poor.

Many changes were made to accommodate the fight against Covid-19, including learners staying away from their schools to avoid spreading the deadly virus. This meant that students soon needed comfortable and conducive spaces to do their homework.

Unfortunately, not everyone could afford the pricey desks sold at local stores. This is something that 16-year-old Colby, who is a learner himself, took into consideration. He then set out to find a way to remedy the problem.

This is when - according to The Western Journal - he thought of the great and laborious idea to build the desks for the needy students himself. Colby first discovered his special skill for building desks when he built one for himself.

He then set out to award others the same satisfying feeling of having a comfortable space to complete their studies.

“It’s sad knowing there are kids that can’t afford them,” the 16-year-old said.

He then set up a page called 'Desks for Distance', a Facebook fundraising page to help him get supplies to build the desks. Within 48 hours Colby received over R38 000 in donation money, something he was absolutely thrilled about.

“It absolutely blew up,” he told PEOPLE magazine. “People kept sharing it.”

Soon Colby, who teamed up with other kindhearted locals, was able to build around 50 desks a day, helping many students in need.

Teen adds a little goodness in the world, builds desks for needy kids
Colby is making a difference. Source: Facebook/Desks4Distance
Source: UGC

In other news about helping others, YEN.com.gh reported that BI Phakathi has done it again. At the receiving end of his hand, which seems to always be giving, was a lucky young petrol attendant. In the video, BI can be heard asking the unsuspecting petrol attendant about his job.

After the attendant is done pouring his petrol, BI then pays for it. Just as the petrol attendant thinks the exchange is over, BI hands him some money. And right when the surprised yet delighted attendant thinks it's time to thank him and say goodbye, BI offers him more and more cash.

The excitement and shock are clear on the attendant's face as it becomes increasingly obvious that he had never before received a tip as big as this. BI, who seems to thoroughly enjoy putting a smile on his face, laughs on in the background.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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