Man shares before and after photos of mansion he built for himself

Man shares before and after photos of mansion he built for himself

- A man, Michael Boshielo, wanted to show his mom he is still a success despite not getting a proper education

- Taking to social media, Boshielo shared before and after photos of the house he built for himself

- However, Saffas accused him of lying and he had to share a video as proof that he owns the home

A man decided to share photos of his crib in honour of his late mom. Michael Boshielo apologised to his mom for not getting a proper education but showed off his house to prove that he is still a success.

Boshielo shared before and after snaps of the house and the end product is absolutely stunning.

Taking to Twitter, the man captioned the photos:

"Mom I'm not as educated as you wished. But this is my little present to you. As I promised I will never forget where I come from."

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Man shares before and after photos of mansion he built for himself
Michael Boshielo shared photos of the house he built for himself and he paid tribute to his late mother. Photo: @mosikihlalebelo / Twitter.
Source: UGC

Take a look at post below:

The post gathered over 42 700 reactions but many South Africans accused Boshielo of lying about the owning the house.

Twitter user, @ForbesNkay, commented:

"The things people do to get likes and followers is astonishing."

Another tweep, @LeMetsi, added:

"Why you lying straight out your chest?"

Boshielo decided to prove the trolls wrong and he posted a video of himself driving into the yard and opening the garage.

He wrote:

"I took this video last night for someone like you. No offence though."

He successfully silenced the haters and many applauded Boshielo on achieving great things. However, some were sad that he had to defend himself with a video.

Twitter user, @Mightysa, commented:

"The was no need for any of that. Congratulations bra, more blessings are coming your way as long yourmom is happy."

Another tweep, @MusawenkosiMhl2, added:

"You don't have to prove it my brother, let them speak. All I can say - you are the man, congratulations this the beginning of your blessings #inspired."

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Social media user, @Kajila_S, wrote:

"I don’t think you owe anyone any explanation my guy. Just make sure you are living that good life and doing the right thing. The same people doubting you will actually DM you for a favour. Keep on keeping on."

Previously, reported a man revealed online that a bank told him and his partner they could not afford to buy a house in the suburbs. Instead of giving up on his dreams to own a home, Sandile Hadebe decided to build his own crib in a township.

Taking to Facebook, Sandile Hadebe showed off the progress he and his bae, Gabi, have been making with their home.

He captioned the post:

"31st July VS 31st August 2020... The bank said we cannot afford it in the 'burbs, so we decided to build it in the township for cash within a month. Hadebe Residence."


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