How to find message requests in Messenger 2020

How to find message requests in Messenger 2020

It is the digital era, and technology reigns supreme. Smartphones have elevated functionalities, and the gadget now seems like a necessity rather than a means to an end. Facebook is one of the world's biggest tech firms and has dominated the social media universe. Their smartphone instant messaging application has impressive features that make it one of the best. With the message request feature, anyone can text you on Messenger. And that is why it is integral to know how to find message requests in Messenger?

How to find message requests in Messenger
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What you consider the most sophisticated feature on your preferred instant messaging platform might not be another person's impression. That is why application developers strive to make these application interfaces exciting and attractive to the general public.

Perhaps the most open feature in a messaging platform is the capability of receiving messages from non-friends. But wait, it even gets better; you get to choose if you want to engage them or not. Is the option not incredible? With the right steps, you can view or block Facebook messages from non-friends.

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What is the Messenger message requests?

Without a doubt, Facebook's Messenger is one of the most popular applications in the market for instant messaging. And with the applications rich interface and incredible security feature, users have found a perfect and safe messaging platform. The message request feature, a one-of-a-kind in the instant messaging arena, has proven very useful. What does it mean?

Facebook's Messenger message request allows people that are not your friends on Facebook to send you messages. This is very useful as anyone can search your name in the application's interface and connect via chat. However, Messenger groups any message from a person not on your friends' list in the "Message Requests" folder.

The feature is quite remarkable as it gives you the capability of choosing whether to reply or ignore the message request after reading. Also, when Facebook flags it as a spam attempt, it automatically filters it from your Facebook Messenger message requests.

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How to find message requests on Messenger

Facebook's consistency is quite impressive. All their platforms have a fantastic user interface and mostly fulfill the user's intention. Facebook Messenger has made it even easier for users to check message requests on Android and iOS. You can do so using the following steps if you have already updated your Facebook Messenger software.

  • Open the application on your smartphone.
  • Click the profile image icon on the top left corner of your smartphone to reveal a list of options.
  • Just below the "Dark Mode" button, you will notice the "Message Requests" option. Click it to reveal the received messages.
  • The link will take you to the conversation interface whereby you can either accept or reject the message request.

Do not worry; the other individual will not know whether you have read their message or not. The platform provides a secure interface that protects your privacy.

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“You May Know” on message requests

How to find message requests in Messenger
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The message requests interface on Facebook Messenger has two tabs: “You May Know” and “Spam.” Immediately you receive a Messenger message request from an individual you are not friends with; it goes to the "You May Know" section.

This filtering process gives you the freedom to either accept or reject the message request. When you choose to approve, you add them to your friends' contact list on Facebook Messenger.

The “Spam” tab on Messenger requests

When you are on the Messenger requests interface to see message requests on Facebook, you will notice the "Spam" option. This option allows users to ignore suggestions that they consider as spam.

If someone you do not know is sending you annoying messages, you can add them to the spam list by rejecting their message request. All of the individuals that you have dismissed will be available on the spam section of message requests.

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If you feel like contacting them once again, you can undo the block. You can access all the messages ignored and revert to where it all started in the spam section.

Locating filtered messages on Facebook on desktop

One of the most amazing things about Facebook is the ease of integration between different platforms. One can still access their Messenger messages on the desktop client that is accessible on a web browser. So, how can one view message requests on Facebook while using a computer?

  • Visit the official website
  • On your messages, tap on the Messenger icon that is on the top right section.
  • Tap on “Message requests.”
  • Here, you will view all your filtered, hidden, and message requests in a single location.

Access Messenger message requests on

Facebook has allowed its users to access the Messenger interface on a variety of avenues. With the online interface, users of the instant messaging platform can access the Messenger request tab. How can you do it?

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  • Using a computer, open any compatible browser.
  • Type in the URL to access the platform and hit enter.
  • Tap continue as yourself on the notification button to proceed to your account.
  • Click on the settings icon and then “Message requests.”
  • Your message requests will appear here. If you do not have any so far, you can choose “See Filtered Messages.”
  • This option will reveal every ignored request that you have ever made.

If you were wondering how to find message requests in Messenger, the above step-by-step processes for different platforms serves as a useful guide. The features are amongst the most amazing and make Facebook Messenger safe and secure. You can choose who to talk to and ignore, and the person doesn't have to be among your friends. It is a fantastic feature that allows universality and better connections.

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The process is straightforward, and all it takes is downloading the prerequisite application and using its sophisticated search function.

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