Meet Sgt. Ibrahim Yakubu the policeman directing traffic with integrity & professionalism

Meet Sgt. Ibrahim Yakubu the policeman directing traffic with integrity & professionalism

- Social media has highlighted the good works of a policeman who is doing well in his lone of job

- According to a social media user, Sgt. Ibrahim Yakubu is very soft-spoken even to traffic offenders

- In times when the security service has come under attacks over unprofessionalism, Sgt. Ibrahim Yakubu's work stands out

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A police sergeant from the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate unit of Accra Central, Sgt. Ibrahim Yakubu, is becoming a beacon of hope for professionalism in the police force.

In a post sighted by on Facebook, the integrity of Sgt. Ibrahim Yakubu has been highlighted and many have asked that his example be emulated by his colleagues.

Sgt Ibrahim Yakubu is believed to direct traffic at the GIMPA-Christian village junction and according to Bhakta Lawson, the law enforcement individual is very punctual.

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Meet Sgt. Ibrahim Yakubu the GH policeman full of integrity and professionalism
Sgt. Ibrahim Yakubu. Source: Facebook/Bhakta Lawson
Source: Facebook

According to Bhakta Lawson, Sgt Ibrahim Yakubu is very soft-spoken and professional even to offenders and takes his time to talk to all in a polite and respectful manner.

Bhakta then went on to recount a time he had an encounter with the policeman:

"The first time I met this man was when I went out with my brother's car. The road worthy has expired a day ago. The police at Haatso arrested me and took Ghc 50 from me. When coming back, I decided to use the GIMPA road in order not to meet the police.
I was living at Dome Pillar II then. I came across this police man. He was alone on the road and stopped me.
I was afraid so I took another Ghc 50 and squeezed it into his hand but he refused and advised me with his sweet, cool voice to try my best and do it in the week so that he would not be compiled to raise me before the court.

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I was afraid he would arrest me for bribing him but he tolerated me and allowed me to go. I ask my brother who was sitting beside me if he is also a Ghana Police. In fact the next day, I went and do all papers.
I carry on watching him, asking other drivers about him and none spoke bad about him.
These are the type of police that the nation needs to have. May God bless him and I will beg the IGP and the other high ranks to promote him."

Meanwhile, Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng has shown that even though he has matchless love for his country as a minister, he equally cannot forget his first love as a heart surgeon.

The astute Ghanaian is currently the Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation under the Akufo-Addo-led government.

As a result of his position, he sees to the affairs of the nation normally from Monday to Friday which are considered as 'official working days'.

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