Nick Cannon's net worth, salary, house, cars, TV and music earnings

Nick Cannon's net worth, salary, house, cars, TV and music earnings

Nicholas Scott Cannon, best known to fans as Nick Cannon, is involved in nearly every facet of the entertainment industry. The famous American entertainer is a host of television and radio shows, actor, rapper, writer, director, and producer of many successful entertainment projects. As a result, Nick Cannon's net worth is estimated to be in the range of 30 million dollars.

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Nick Cannon is not just an entertainer but also a successful entrepreneur. The 40-year-old star has collaborated with other famous stars like R. Kelly, Kanye West, P. Diddy, and Mary J. Blige on various music projects.

Nick's proactive and creative skills have led credence to the success of several television shows, including Wild 'n Out, America's Got Talent, The Nick Cannon Show, and Lip Sync Battle Shorties.

Who is Nick Cannon?

Nicholas is an actor, rapper, television and radio host, producer, director, and businessman. He was born on the 8th of October 1980 in San Diego, California, the U.S. As a teenager, he grew up in Bay Vista Housing Project in Lincoln Park. It was there that the young rapper got affiliated with the Lincoln Park Bloods Street gang.

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While growing up, he started performing at the age of eight. At the age of 11, he began performing as a stand-up comedian in his father's local television show. The multi-talented entertainer was once married to a famous American singer and diva, Mariah Carey, and they both had a set of twins together.

How rich is Nick Cannon?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nick Cannon's net worth is estimated to be in the range of 30 million dollars in 2020. The 40-year-old actor made most of his fortune from his long and successful career in comedy, acting, and television hosting. Nick Cannon's salary is estimated to be around $5 Million per year, which is quite a significant sum.

Apart from comedy, hosting shows, rapping, and acting, Cannon has equally built an impressive career around directing, writing, and television production.

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What contributed to Nick Cannon net worth?

The celebrity has built a strong personal brand and business empire over the years. He has involved in several activities that made him who he is financially today.

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By hosting and producing television shows, Nick makes quite a fortune. Some of the shows include The Halo Effect, The Nick Cannon Show, Wild 'N Out, and America's Got Talent. Besides being a producer, Nick is the creator of Wild 'N Out. Another popular show hosted by the famous comedian is The Masked Singer.

Moreover, the celebrity earns from the ownership of popular nationally-syndicated radio shows like Nick Cannon Mornings and Nick Cannon Radio. The radio shows are usually aired on Power 106. Then, he creates ideas for new shows and also oversees all contents that appear on the channel.

Interestingly also, the multi-talented celebrity has starred in many high-profile movies like Drumline and Love Don't Cost a Thing. Although it is not known how much he earns per movie, we do know that the actor took home a huge amount of money starring in those films. The entertainer makes money from comedy tours and earns royalties from his music albums.

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Similarly, the comedian is the owner of some luxury and expensive apartments. It is claimed that most of them are situated in highbrow neighbourhoods of Los Angeles. As a big-time social media influencer, Nick usually monetizes campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter platforms. It is reported that he charges as much as $20,000 for each sponsored post on social media platforms.

Nick Cannon TV and music earnings

He reportedly earned $70,000 per episode from America's Got Talent. By the time the famous American entertainer left the show, he had pocketed approximately $4.5 million. The entertainer is wealthy, considering all he must have earned from his entertainment and business endeavours.

Headlines of today reported that his appearance in blockbuster movies like Underclassman, Monster House, and Bobby fetched $5,655,459, $140.2 million, and $20.7 million respectively. Then, he earned $30 Million in 2013 from the sales of Ncredible Headphones.

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However, it is not known how much music earnings make up Nick Cannon wealth.

Nick Cannon house

Nick and his ex-wife, Carey, purchased a beautiful mansion in the high-priced Bel-Air neighbourhood of Los Angeles. They reportedly spent $6.975 million to buy the 11,750-square-foot house from Allen Sides, a renowned sound engineer.

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Farrah Fawcett was said to have been the previous owner of the magnificent mansion before Allen. The home was listed for sale after the pair got separated in 2014. It was eventually sold in 2015 for the sum of $9 million.

Nick Cannon cars

This 40-year-old entrepreneur has a flair for luxury cars. His garage includes the following:

  • A Maserati Quattroporte valued at $108,700
  • A Ferrari California valued at $202,723
  • A Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon valued at $110,000
  • A Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe valued at an astounding $452,000
  • A Range Rover

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Besides cars, this celebrity also loves luxury items like jewellery, clothes, and shoes. It was even rumoured that Nick Cannon diamond shoes were valued at $2 million.

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His personal life

The rapper got married to the pop goddess and famous singer Mariah Carey in 2008. Their marriage lasted for six years, and during that time, they had fraternal twins together. In 2014, the couple separated, and both filed for divorce that same year.

Nick demanded a settlement of $30 million from Mariah, whose net worth is about $320 million. The divorce was finalized in 2016, and the rapper got $10 million in the settlement.

Does Nick Cannon own any part of Nickelodeon?

No, he does not. However, he operates the multimedia and record company N'credible Entertainment. Nick Cannon record label has an interest in the film, television, music, and merchandising industries. He has also served as president of TeenNick Network.

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Despite having many business commitments, Cannon still donates much of his time to charitable causes and runs his charity known as the Nicholas Scott Cannon Foundation.

Lastly, was Nick Cannon born wealthy? No, the entertainer was not born into a wealthy family. However, he has worked his way from the bottom of the ladder to the top. As a result, Nick Cannon net worth has grown significantly over the years. With his entrepreneurial skills, it is not a surprise how much he has made and what he is worth today.

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