Man creates special 'car' with umbrella, drives it around

Man creates special 'car' with umbrella, drives it around

- A creative man, Brian Kahrs, has created a special way to move around with a leaf blower, an umbrella and a mopping bucket

- In a video that has gone really viral, the man could be seen using a leaf blower to create a moving force against an umbrella

- Whenever the air from the blower hits the umbrella, it creates a force that pushes him forward and rolls the tyres of the bucket

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A man, Brian Kahrs, has taken the power of innovation to the next level and many people cannot stop talking about him.

In a video shared by In The Know Machines on Facebook, he converted the use of a mop bucket, a leaf blower, and an umbrella to create a creative tool of mobility.

Not only did he create a kind of vehicle, he drove it to show that it actually works. To move the “vehicle” around, the man sits in a bucket, holds the leaf blower in one hand and the umbrella in the other, outstretched in front of him

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The man moves around quite gracefully.
Photo source: Facebook/In The Know Machines
The man moves around quite gracefully. Photo source: Facebook/In The Know Machines
Source: UGC

To move around, he propels the umbrella with the air generated from the machine. Brian has called his innovation a “blue collar limousine”.

Watch the clip here

Meanwhile, earlier reported that many Nigerians could not stop talking after the video of a vehicle made in Nigeria went viral online.

Called the Nord Tank, Ajayi Oluwatobi, the CEO of the manufacturing company, talked about the automobile.

In his tweet on Tuesday, August 18, he said that the vehicle was specially built for Nigerians. In the short clip, the camera panned around it to give people a tour of its exterior view.

The automobile is painted in both blue and white colours with its bumper in the former's paint colour. Its insignia is in silver steel.

In other news, the photos of a young man and his innovative pieces surfaced online and many praised his brilliance.

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