Young genius: 12-year-old studies towards aerospace engineering degree

Young genius: 12-year-old studies towards aerospace engineering degree

-A young American boy recently made his parents proud after starting his college career at the tender age of 12 years old

- The young boy, Caleb Anderson, qualified for MENSA — the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world

- He is currently studying towards his aerospace engineering qualification from Chattahoochee Technical College in Georgia

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Imagine being a baby that is able to speak over three languages before most children even learn to walk. Twelve-year-old American kid, Caleb Anderson, does not need to imagine. According to a post made by Afro Tech on Facebook, the genius child already knew over 250 words at only nine months old.

By 11 months, he was speaking and reading English fluently. Leveling up even further, little Caleb was fluent in Mandarin, Spanish, and French at only three-years-old. His parents who were wowed by their child's amazing intelligence quickly tested his IQ which led him to get accepted into MENSA, a high IQ society reserved for only the smartest of the smartest.

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Caleb quickly went through a lot of learning material meant for children his age and then even material meant for children older than him. Soon he became bored with what was being offered in regular school, explaining to his parents that he was ready for college.

“He said, ‘Mom I’m bored. This is not challenging,’ ” Anderson’s mother, Claire, said. “It’s really not helping me grow in my learning and I think I’m ready for college.”

This was when the decision was made for Caleb to go to college where he is currently doing his sophomore year in an aerospace engineering programme - something that he obviously finds challenging enough for his ever-developing mind.

12-year-old Caleb Anderson is a boy genius
Boy genius Caleb Anderson heads to college. Source: IG/clubedeastronomiahipatia
Source: UGC

In similar news, a beautiful black South African woman, @vuyisipho, just took the "How it started vs how it ended" challenge to new heights. This comes after her challenge included a picture of her matric certificate and a picture of her degree.

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What makes her the challenge winner is the fact that she had received seven distinctions on her matric certificate - that means a distinction for each and every subject. Halala. She does not end her impressive streak there however as she goes on to share a picture of her degree, which is in actuarial science - talk about flexing.

Twitter users who were left motivated, inspired and impressed took to the comments section to congratulate the brilliant young lady on her success. Many of them wished her goodluck with her future.


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