Fantana: 13 of the musician's hot and trending songs on streaming platforms

Fantana: 13 of the musician's hot and trending songs on streaming platforms

Francine Kouffie, popularly known as Fantana, is a renowned Ghanaian musician who was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She started her music career after relocating to Africa. Some of the songs she had produced in her early days caused a buzz in the dancehall music arena in Ghana.

Fantana songs
Ghanaian Musician Fantana posing for the camera. Photo: @iamfantana on Instagram (modified by author)
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Fortunately, Fantana’s eureka moment happened when she signed with RuffTown Records, one of Ghana’s biggest management entities. Due to her new contract and the need for a fresh start as an artist, she removed all the old songs from streaming platforms, including YouTube.

Trending songs by Fantana that you should listen to in 2022

For the past years, Fantana has created some of the best songs in the urban music scene. As a result, she has become popular in Ghana. Here are her top trending songs that you need to listen to in 2022.

1. Touch Me

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After taking a brief break from the entertainment industry, the Ghanaian Afrobeats and Afro dancehall musician made her comeback with a thud. Singer Fantana released several hits songs that her fans and followers can’t seem to have enough of. Touch Me is one of the best Fantanas host songs to listen to when you're sad.

Touch Me is one of her latest songs which fans are overly enjoying. The song was released on 5 August 2022 and has received massive play and viewership on various streaming platforms. Jag and Six directed the music video.

2. No Dulling

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No Dulling is one of Fantana’s latest and trending songs. Since the song’s release on 26 February 2021, the jam has received nothing but love from all her fans and followers across the globe. Many can't help but recognize and appreciate how much her vocal game has improved through the song.

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The official video was released on YouTube on 26 February, and so far, it has garnered close to 200,000 views. It is also available for download on various streaming sites such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Audiomack.

3. Rich Gyal Anthem - Fantana ft Kuami Eugene

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After experimenting with afrobeat, Fantana returned to dancehall by releasing Rich Gyal Anthem in January 2020. The record sounds different from other songs by the young artist, but it is surprisingly one of her biggest songs in the past two years.

Another reason why Fantana's Rich Gyal Anthem jam is a big song is the video quality. While Fantana has consistently made quality videos in the past two years, this record is different regarding video direction and dancing. The young artist performs with six talented dancers, making the song a perfect dancehall tune.

The production of Rich Gyal Anthem was top-notch. For the first time, the record label gave JMJ (a talented music producer) a chance to work with their signee. On the other hand, the video was directed by the talented Yaw Skyface.

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4. New African Lady

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Fantana has consistently redefined her sound since she started her music career. Compared to her previous songs, New African Lady is a party song with a different twist. Unlike her last records, she attempts to make a party anthem for modern African ladies, in which she succeeds.

The dancing routines in the video make New African Lady one of the best songs visually. The dancers, who are predominately ladies, match the song’s theme, making the record more interesting to listen to and watch. Also, the tune defies the notion of how African girls should look and sound in songs. The song was released under RuffTown Records.

5. Don’t Let Me Fall — Danny Beatz featuring Fantana and Fredo

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Don’t Let Me Fall was Danny Beatz’s project, in which he featured Freda and the talented Fantana. As its name suggests, this is a love song but with a different twist. The three artists explore their insecurities about love in beautiful and melodic ways.

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The 2019 song perfectly demonstrated what Fantana could do in joint projects. With over 148,000 views, it is evident that the track is timeless and one of the biggest Fantana Ghana songs.

Directed by Snares Films, Don’t Let Me Fall has beautiful visuals. Also, the video captures each artist’s persona in the track. For example, the dramatisation between Fredo and Fantana is beautifully captured.

6. Backstabber (Play Live Session)

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Backstabber is one of the latest songs by Fantana. Unlike other tracks released by the young artist through RuffTown Records, this record was part of Play Live sessions. Identical to other songs on the Play Live sessions, Backstabber has a simple video.

Unlike her most releases, where she blends Afrobeat with dancehall, Backstabber is purely a dancehall song. Fantana uses it to exhibit her prowess at singing on a dancehall beat. Although it is not one of her most successful overall releases, the track is definitely a great addition to the dancehall scene in Ghana.

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7. Backstabber featuring Larusso

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Unlike the previous song, the new Backstabber has a different flavour, especially regarding sounds. The beat, which was produced by Mix Masta Garzy, is catchy and urban. Also, the two artists give their best in terms of writing and singing. The combination of production and creativity makes the track great.

Backstabber was released under Blown GH/RuffTown Records. Unfortunately, the artist and the record label have not talked about making the official video for the track or releasing it (if they had recorded it).

8. Blue Eyes

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Blue Eyes was released in 2016 by Fantana under Hancock Deluxe Production. The 4 minutes of the song are sure to give you nothing but pure bliss. Lovers of Fantana's music can attest to this, and she never disappoints. In addition to her vocals, the lyrics of this track are phenomenal.

9. Crazy

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Besides her hit tracks, the Ghanaian, USA-based singer is famous for her explicit songs such as Crazy. The jam was released in 2019, but the music video has not been released yet. It was produced by 11god, written by Alex Fantana, and produced by Brookbeatz. It is one of her tracks that is worth your time.

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10. Forever Young

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Forever Young is true evidence that Fantana is a killer in collaborations. The talented singer has been featured in Dim Mak Records' production by ARMNHMR. Since the hit single's release in 2020, it has received thousands of views on various platforms, including YouTube.

11. Girls Hate on Girls

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Girls Hate on Girls is one of the biggest Fantana's songs. With a blend of dancehall and Afrobeat, the record cut across different music genres in Ghana. However, the message and lyrics make the track stand out among all her songs.

Fantana's Girls Hate on Girls song attempted to answer her critics. Since she relocated to Ghana, entertainment commentators have compared her with different artists.

In this record, she tries to debunk narratives created about her and show her fans she is wealthy and successful. The track was released under RuffTown Records, and the video was directed by Yaw Skyface.

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12. So What

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So What by Fantana was one of the biggest songs released under RuffTown Records. It is also her biggest track regarding streaming numbers and radio rotation. The song's success is related to Fantana’s writing style and production quality.

On top of an impressive production, the So What's catchy beat makes it memorable and perfect for different occasions. While Fantana is popular in the dancehall music scene, the record showed that she is a multi-talented artist and can work in any music genre.

The video, which was directed by Yaw Skyface, has impressive visuals. Even though it does not have much dancing like most Afrobeat songs, Fantana's performances are outstanding.

13. You, Me and the Sea

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You, Me and the Sea is another great song by Fantana. Like some of her other tracks, the YouTube video is lyrical, as she has not released the official music video. Regardless, it is an excellent jam, as experienced in her vocals and the lyrics. The song was written by Fantana, produced by Clay Singletary and Fantana and recorded by Clay Singletary at Second Floor Studios.

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For the last couple of years, Fantana has released good music and redefined success in the dancehall music space. Being one of the youngest artists at RuffTown records gives her the freedom to experiment with her sound. Importantly, she has been free to collaborate with other artists in and outside the label. shared the top 10 Asakaa songs in Ghana you should listen to in 2022. Asakaa has been trending for all the right reasons over the last decade. The genre is a favourite among the youth.

The genre is similar to the drill style in America. If you want to have a feeling of this type of song, why not check out this masterpiece?

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