Latest J.Derobie songs to listen to in 2020

Latest J.Derobie songs to listen to in 2020

Ghana's music scene has never run short of talents. Every year presents a new breed of artists who work tirelessly to make a name for themselves as they create their art. J. Derobie is one of those artists. J.Derobie songs are always lively.

J.Derobie songs
Ghanaian singer J.Derobie. Photo: j.derobie
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The young lad is energetic when making music, and that makes him stand out among his peers. He has only been in the industry for a few years, but the work he has put in has made him a bigger star than some veterans in the industry. Mr Eazi first discovered him before he came into the limelight.

10 latest J.Derobie songs

The videos he has been releasing since he started singing professionally together with his latest EP are proof that the young artiste is just getting started. To download J.Derobie songs, you can check his YouTube page or go to Spotify. The following are J.Derobie latest songs:

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1. Poverty - J.Derobie featuring Mr Eazy

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J.Derobie sings about poverty and what it makes people do. The singer is passionate and easily conveys his emotions through the words. This song is also inspiring as it encourages people on how not to give up but instead keep pushing. The Ghanaian artist sings about scaling higher heights and not failing.

2. Riches - J.Derobie

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Riches is a party and a celebration song. The singer made the song to celebrate his Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year Award at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. He talks about various things that affect the youth and how they live.

The young Ghanaian star mentions hustling, making money and living the good life. His simplicity in this song is what makes it gracious. He is flawless with his singing and has a hype team in the background that complements the singing.

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3. Ginger Me - J.Derobie

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The dancehall artist is expressive in this song as he is in many other pieces. Ginger Me has that home feeling because he uses his local dialect.

The good thing about him is knowing how to deliver no matter the language he uses in his music. His patois is missed in this song, but that does not make the song any less tuneful. Ginger Me has impressive visuals.

4. Fake Friend - J.Derobie

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J.Derobie talks about friendships and relations human beings have. In this song, the Ghanaian artiste mentions the things he dislikes about fake friends. Some friends pretend to be good when you are hanging out together but turn to be something else when they leave. The singer warns that he does not need such kind of friends as he is good without them.

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5. Irie - J.Derobie

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This song will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean. Everything from the visuals, flow of the music and the lyrics were well executed. The instrumentals are as soulful as the vocals. Irie will take you to cloud nine and back.

With this song, the singer continues to prove that you do not have to be Jamaican to make a classic material reggae tune. Everything flows naturally, and that makes his music symphonic.

6. Woyooi - J.Derobie

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Woyooi is one of those feel-good Derobie jams that will have you on your feet. The artiste is smooth with his lyrics, and that is one of the most iconic things about him. The track can be enjoyed both in the club and in the house when you want to chill.

It has both the dancehall feeling and Afro beats fused with a little reggae. The song is off his latest EP titled Nungua Diaries.

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7. Odo Bra - J.Derobie

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If you thought that J.Derobie could not make love songs, then you are mistaken. The young entertainer is versatile with his art and can sing about everything he thinks of. In Odo Bra, he pours his heart out to this girl, talking about the things he can do for her and professing his deep love for the beauty. The lyrics are sweet and will put you in a loving mood, even without knowing.

8. Journey - J.Derobie

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Journey is an inspirational song. The lyrics in the song are not only encouraging but also tell the story of every ghetto youth who is there hustling for bread. The artiste is impressive with his narration, and one cannot help but enjoy his music even when the theme of the song is not pleasant.

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Many young Ghanaians can relate to what the artist is singing about. Even with the profound message, Journey remains to be a danceable tune that all Derobie fans can enjoy.

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9. Back It - J.Derobie

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J.Derobie sounds like little Mavado in this song. His aggressive approach, when singing blended with the activities in the video, makes the song such a lively tune. The track is one of the best J.Derobie songs in 2020.

The leading single off his upcoming debut album A King Is Born became an instant hit when it was first released. The singer’s potential and talents can be seen in this video as the artiste goes hard.

10. Get That - J.Derobie

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Get That is a song for all gorgeous girls. The singer gets to his romantic self once again and talks about this pretty girl whom he can get everything for. The hook of the song, the verses, the repetition of some words, and the instrumentals are nothing but perfect.

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Being the singer’s fan means that you get to be continuously blessed with such harmonious songs. The track is another single off his EP Nungua Diaries.

Nothing sounds as good as authentic dancehall songs that have that Afro-beats touch. J.Derobie songs give you the feeling of living in the Caribbean and Africa. His masterly of the Jamaican Patois aside, he might be soon going to be one of the biggest dancehall stars in Africa thanks to his creativity and great flow.

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