MzDelah: 10 stunning photos of the Ghanaian influencer

MzDelah: 10 stunning photos of the Ghanaian influencer

Ghanaian beauty queen Dela Yaw Seade alias MzDelah has been on the rise since stepping onto the limelight a few years ago. Few have not heard of the former Miss Malaika and Miss Africa candidate. To her, being a model is not just rocking expensive outfits and walking down the runway. She has used the platform to become an entrepreneur and influencer.


Ghanaian beauty queen Dela Yaw, popularly known as MzDelah. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

When MzDelah contested for the 2018 Miss Malaika beauty pageant and did not win, she could have easily faded away. Instead, this was her stepping stone to becoming a successful businesswoman. Even at that, it is her beauty that most of her fans love to talk about. Talk of MzDelah in Ghana and the people will tell you she is their goddess of beauty.

10 beautiful photos of MzDela

MzDelah is a perfect definition of beauty with brains. While her knowledge is seen in all her works, her beauty is clearly seen in photos. Here are some of her best photos.

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1. Enjoying the ambience


Miss Malaika beauty pageant contestant MzDelah. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

Models live for such moments and places that are isolated yet serene. The location is picture-perfect, and MzDelah was the right person for the shot. Looking at other MzDelah Instagram pictures, she has maintained the same level of professional photography, suggesting that she takes her brand seriously.

2. Stunningly beautiful


MzDelah enjoying a cool breeze. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

The model knows how pretty she is, and that is why she joked that whenever she steps outside, the sun shines differently. Credit to her for taking care of her body and knowing the right outfit for every occasion.

Here, she is clad in a sleeveless dress that allows her to enjoy the sunny day. Her male fans, on the other hand, can't help but keep trying their luck without caring that she may not be in the market.

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3. Queen of style


MzDelah from shopping. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

MzDelah is influenced by the latest urban pop culture, even in the style of dressing. One of the latest trends popular among teens is rocking outfits that have a mixture of bright colours.

To ensure everything is in check from head to toe, her dress blends in perfectly with the long braids that are also multicoloured. No wonder she is nicknamed Ghana Meghan Markle.

4. The true definition of elegance


MzDelah in a photoshoot. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

Designers will be more than happy to have her rock their creations. MzDelah's curves have been captured well by this extravagant bride dress. It is a move away from the traditional white gowns by embracing more stylish modern designs that make the bride look dazzling.

Any bride would kill to have this wonderful dress for their event, but first, they would have to talk to MzDelah to direct them to her designer.

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5. Ready for a date


MzDelah stepping out for a date in a floral dress. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

Most ladies will take time to choose the right outfit for a date and still not be contented with the choice they made. This dress is a must-have because it suits just about any occasion.

It shows her perfect figure and at the same time, does not reveal too much skin. It is sexy and decent, making it suitable for dates, church or even work. Just make sure when you wear it, you must display such confidence as MzDelah.

6. A breakfast larger than life


MzDelah eating breakfast in a restaurant. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

Having made some big moves in the business world, MzDelah can afford to give herself a treat. Why cook breakfast when you can eat out? The table is full of all types of delicacies as if she wanted her fans to know that her amazing body is a result of eating well. This is one of the best of the Ghanaian MzDelah photos.

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7. A good life


MzDelah enjoying a cold drink at Realcabocorso. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

If you want to live a good life, have some drink, mind your business and stay out of trouble. With such a starter pack, good life lies ahead. All this is made possible courtesy of Realcabocorso, one of Ghana's favourite burger and drink spots.

8. Mr Right?


MzDelah with a handsome man. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

This is one of the few men MzDelah has posted on her social media accounts. It became one of the most popular photos on her Instagram as fans commented on how perfect they look together.

He does look sharp, and many thought that the next thing would be wedding bells. MzDelah was only happy to leave her fans guessing as she refused to reveal whether he was her man or they are just friends.

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9. Queen without a crown


Miss Africa candidate, MzDela. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

Competing for Miss Africa was an achievement by itself, even without taking home the crown. It was a competitive pageant with the most beautiful models from all over the continent, and she was pleased with herself for being there. She looked stunning and had every quality to be crowned the winner, but sometimes such setbacks are needed to make a person even better.

10. Reaching for the skies


MzDelah enjoying the view in a city. Photo: dela_seade
Source: Instagram

The influencer has travelled the world and got to enjoy some of the best sceneries there are to see. One of the countries she has visited is Thailand. While there, she visited the tallest building in the country and took this photo on the 77th floor of the building.

She also got to visit Victoria's Secrets which is the biggest mall in Thailand with over 400 designer shops. This is a model's paradise, and one can only guess that she might have shopped for several designer clothes here.

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She was given the name Dela Seade at birth but is widely known as MzDelah by those who have seen her modelling works. She is now mingling with high-ranking celebrities, but her journey is far from over. She continues to work hard as a model, and at her current pace, you might be reading about her in rich lists a few years to come.

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The young beauty has created a buzz on social media and has everyone rushing to their phones to look at any new pictures that she posts.

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