Paula White: Meet Trump's spiritual adviser who predicted victory for US president

Paula White: Meet Trump's spiritual adviser who predicted victory for US president

Paula White, a 54-year-old American preacher, prominently became a cynosure in Africa when she led Donald Trump in an impassioned prayer session after it became clear that the US president might lose out in the presidential contest against Joe Biden.

74-year-old Trump sought reelection into the Oval office after a turbulent first term characterised by controversial policies peaked by poor handling of the COVID-19 crisis and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

On Wednesday, November 4, it became clear that Trump might lose the magic to his Democratic challenger, a former senator who is presently leading the election with 290 electoral votes - the requirement for the presidency.

Paula White: Meet Trump's spiritual adviser who predicted for him victory
Paula White played impassionedly for Donald Trump, saying angels have been dispatched from Africa. Credit: Newsweek
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Sensing a defeat, Trump went spiritual with White, a televangelist known as the US president's spiritual adviser, in a prayer session seen in a now-viral video.

White was noticed praying to God on Thursday, November 5, even as Trump's team vowed to sue all states for "still counting votes" two days after the casting of ballots ended.

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In the video, White was heard saying "I hear the sound of victory" as she prayed fervently to God to make way for Trump who is likely set to become the 11th president to lose reelection in US history.

"I hear a sound of victory. The Lord says it is done. For I hear, victory, victory, victory. Angels are being dispatched right now...angels have been dispatched from Africa right now...they're coming here, in the name of Jesus."

Interestingly, White prayed in a different language but what really caught the attention of most Africans following the US election was her declaration that "angels have been dispatched from Africa", a continent Trump himself once rubbished as "shitholes."

Meanwhile, highlights 7 facts about White whose prayer has now become a topic of interest in Nigeria and Africa.

1. Paula White is an American preacher, author, televangelist.

2. She is the exponent of prosperity theology, a controversial religious belief which claims that material prosperity is a sign of God's grace.

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3. In November 2019, she was appointed as a special advisor to the Faith and Opportunity Initiative at the office of public liaison.

4. Along with other televangelists, White has made millions of dollars through the prosperity gospel.

5. In 2019, she adopted a popular "fire for fire" prayer popularly used by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries in Nigeria.

6. White has been married three times, with her first marriage coming when she was a teenager.

7. She has been accused of heresy, part of which was that she never believed in holy trinity.

Source: Yen Newspaper

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