Reno Omokri says relatives who don't give out money are not haters

Reno Omokri says relatives who don't give out money are not haters

- While some people trust their relatives to help them financially, others trust in their own ability to succeed without help from any family members

- Former presidential aide Reno Omokri says relatives who refuse to help are only being wise because those that ask for help have misplaced priorities

- According to Omokri, people ask their relatives for help and spend their own money on frivolities like expensive phones

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Former presidential aide Reno Omokri has taken to social media to tell his followers not to see relatives who refuse to give them money as haters.

The author and politician said these relatives are only being wise because people who ask them for money are those with expensive phones.

According to him, the relatives understand that money is not the problem of the person asking, but priorities.

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He wrote:

"Relatives who refuse to give you money when you ask are not always haters. Many are just wise. They saw your expensive phone and know that your problem isn’t money, but priorities. Why should they give to you, when you invest your seed money on frivolities."

Nigerians took to the comment section to share their thoughts. While some agreed with Omokri, others did not.

Reno Omokri says relatives who refuse to give out money are not haters
Reno Omokri is the former presidential aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan. Photo credit:
Source: UGC

@KingC24077921 wrote:

"He who want to help you will help u without looking at the type of phone u are using. Most relatives are wicked especially those from father's side. They will not want to help u so that u will be serving them every time."

@itz_anyi commented:

"Only if the said relative is struggling, if not this argument doesn't hold water. Besides using an expensive phone doesn't always mean you re extravagant with cash."

Tweep with the handle @ENGRBONZ disagrees with the first two comments, saying nobody owes them anything.

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He wrote:

"Nobody owes you anything. They ain’t wicked."

@Shobabs32 commented:

"I don't believe in relatives, I was brought up to trust God and be confident in my abilities. God has always raised helpers for me. Who relatives help? I got friends that are more than relatives. Na who put hope for relative dey receive disappointment."

n an earlier report Omokri shared his thoughts concerning fathers who pay more attention to women outside than their own daughters.

He advised such husbands who are also fathers to stop thinking with what is between their legs and let God work in them.

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