What to do when your Ghanaian boyfriend cheats

What to do when your Ghanaian boyfriend cheats

The nightmare of any lover is to realize their partner is cheating or has cheated. The feeling of you not being enough for him is even enough grounds to call it quits in a relationship or even marriage. He’s cheated, now what?

Cheating is not an isolated event. In fact, it is a chain of events that often eludes the affected partner. Just like stealing, cheating is a stealth act of selfishness that many send to their graves.

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Catching your man cheat vibes differently, the feeling of insignificance, that you have wasted the years with someone who does not deserve your attention – it hurts! In normal instances, we walk away from a cheating partner but in cases where the love is real, I mean truly real, we have to make some hard choices.

What to do when your Ghanaian boyfriend cheats
What to do when your Ghanaian boyfriend cheats
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Psychologists always advice that you must CONFRONT your man upon noticing the FACT that he has cheated.

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The by-word here is FACT and not suspicion. Men are very sly with embarrassing situations as cheating so you must truly come prepared. If you have the chats, show them to him, if they are pictures or videos, do so. Provide whatever proof you have.

The trick with confronting your cheating partner is that it breaks the ice of silence. They now have you, just you to defend in this case. The encounter might be either emotional or defensive on his part but you must stand your ground.

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After confronting your man about it, you must give him space to process the wrong he has committed. Many of us jump unto our partners trying to make him feel happy because we guilt-trip on ourselves thinking we are the reason he cheated. Far from that. Give him space. If this means two-weeks or a month, let it be.

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Men process their actions and inactions when left alone. Men are silent thinkers. Clear yourself from him. Let his conscience judge and correct his actions.

Now that you man cheated, you must let your guard up! Rising cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are mostly from men to their partners. If it’s possible to always use protection, please do. If not, you must immediately get on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PREP). This pill protects you from contracting HIV from a cheating partner.

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Be aware that a cheating partner will always be a cheating partner. If you are married, there are options available including separation – Divorce must be the last option.

He’s cheated! Now you must protect your peace, confront him, give him his space and be STD-conscious.

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