Behind-the-scenes: tells what Yaa Jackson is like when all the cameras are off

Behind-the-scenes: tells what Yaa Jackson is like when all the cameras are off has carved a niche for itself as the number one entertainment hub in Ghana. Aside from the fact that is the 'go-to' site for everything entertainment in the country, we are also on top of all the political, social, cultural and mainstream news.

More often than not, our entertainment news covers all the angles and brings out the juicy information our viewers want to see and readers want to know.

A lot of our entertainment-related interviews with celebrities end up becoming the talk of the town and also get picked by many media houses and blogs who credit us for the content.

Behind-the-scenes: tells what Yaa Jackson is like when all the cameras are off
Behind-the-scenes: tells what Yaa Jackson is like when all the cameras are off. Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Now, our readers and viewers have always been fed with information they want to see and read about the lifestyle of some celebrities in the country.

The question that many people have sought answers to is: "When all the cameras are off, is this how this particular celeb behaves?"

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What many people do not know is that many celebs live completely different lifestyles when they are off camera.

This is to say that quite a number of celebrities in Ghana do what they do because that is the brand or lifestyle they have come to be known with. So to keep up with their audience, they produce the content that suits them the most.

Today, takes you deep into the lifestyle of Kumawood's Yaa Jackson who many have come to know as the actress and singer who wears skimpy outfits and shows a lot of skin.

Yaa Jackson has carved a niche for herself as 'Kumawood's bad girl' due to her wardrobe choice and the content of her songs.

A quick glance through her social media accounts would reveal a young lady who posts a lot of raunchy photos and videos.

This brand that she has carved for herself happens to be paying off as her fans and followers cannot resist seeing her social media posts and support her with many comments and reactions.

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But when all the cameras are off, is Yaa Jackson of social media the same Yaa Jackson is real life?

Now here's the catch. Yaa Jackson lives a completely opposite lifestyle in real life than her make-believe life on social media.

Many people would find this hard to believe and was equally surprised when we scheduled an interview with the Tear Rubber singer at our office.

Yaa Jackson and her team accepted to grant the exclusive interview to without hesitation and said they had heard about the brand because it was one of the most-visited media outlets in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The singer who doubles as an actress took the trip to Accra for the first time just for the interview.

It happened that the singer was running late for the interview so we called her to find out if there was a challenge and she quickly apologized and said they were having a few directional challenges.

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Eventually, Yaa Jackson arrived at the office of and the interview team was taken aback by what we were expecting and what we saw.

The singer came dressed very decently and apologized for the few challenges she had. Together with her team, Yaa Jackson politely greeted the interview team and sat down to be prepared for the interview.

She appeared very shy and soft-spoken and appeared to be getting a bit tense for the interview.

When asked why she was behaving that way, she admitted: "I am camera-shy".

This statement shocked the whole crew!

She went on to say that what people normally said about her by just judging her posts on social media was not how she was in real life.

Yaa Jackson said she mostly spent time indoors and was always with family members so her celebrity lifestyle was not the true representation of who she was in real life.

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Unlike popular belief, Yaa Jackson., like many other celebs have parallel lives when it comes to who they are on social media and who they are in real life.

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