Young man moves from sleeping inside truck to beautiful house in 2 years

Young man moves from sleeping inside truck to beautiful house in 2 years

- A man's fortunes changed for good with the help of the digital skills of HTML and CSS that he acquired

- @BowmanDev used to sleep at the back of his truck because he did not have a shelter to go to

- In the space of two years, he had enough money to buy himself a beautiful house

A man with the Twitter handle @BowmanDev has shown how learning some computer skills changed his life forever.

In a Twitter post on Saturday, November 28, the man shared two photos that showed how everything became better for him in two years.

The first photo showed a dirty-looking cramped sleeping compartment at the back of a truck where he started from, while the second frame showed a beautiful house that he bought.

Young man moves from dirty one-room apartment to a beautiful duplex in 2 years
The man's life turned out great with the money he made from HTML and CSS. Photo source: @BowmanDev
Source: UGC

@BowmanDev said that everything changed after he learnt Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) programming languages.

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See his tweet below:

Many Nigerians came under his tweets to tell him that he stays in a place where opportunities were available for his skill, adding that despite learning HTML, CSS, and more, situations still have not changed for them.

Below are some of the reactions:

@Bigmozel said:

"An average boy in Nigeria can code HTML and CSS but there are no opportunities."

@Da_cupid92 said:

"What? Y am I still in Nigeria fgs... I v learned HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, now learning JavaScript again."

@thetechmama asked:

"That's awesome. Can you give me any recommendations on where to learn or what to add to portfolio to be job ready?"

@adigwebright said:

"Where I'm from. You'd be required to have extra knowledge on. JS PYTHON REACT MS Word, Excel, Power Point. Data Analysis, Human relations and how to run errands before you can enough to get this house"

@BowmanDev replied:

"Understood. Where im from.. This house isnt all that expensive."

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young man with the Twitter handle @Marclevidowner showed off his huge success on the platform after getting a house.

In a tweet on Wednesday, October 14, he said he got the building at the age of 23, adding that his law degree has finally paid off in a big way.

The young man attached four lovely photos of the building. He posed in the house with a wide smile in some of the pictures.


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