Obama admits that he regrets not giving Dolly Parton Medal of Freedom

Obama admits that he regrets not giving Dolly Parton Medal of Freedom

- Most people think Barrack Obama has been asked every question under the sun

- The former president was asked some questions he'd never been asked before on The Late Show

- The host, Stephan Colbert, asked him why Dolly Parton did not have a Medal of Freedom

Barack Obama has been asked almost every conceivable question, from the very important to the inconsequential.

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert took it upon himself to try and ask Obama questions no one has asked before.

It was quite a challenge, Obama has already been asked almost everything. Obama revealed to Colbert that his favourite Monopoly playing piece is the car and his favourite fast food desert is Frosties from Wendy's.

Obama admits that he regrets not giving Dolly Patron Medal of Freedom
Obama answered the important questions, the ones people really want to know on Stephan Colbert's show. Photo by CBS
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The winning question, the one that people really wanted to know was:

“How does Dolly Parton not have a Presidential Medal of Freedom?” Stephen asked.

To which Obama replied that it had been a mistake not to award the Country Music singer the Medal of Freedom. He admitted she deserves one and was surprised to learn that she didn't already have one according to The Loop.

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Intent on making amends on what could be the greatest error of his presidency he promised to fix it, after all, he knew a guy.

He said that he would call Joe Biden, the predicted winner of the US election.

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What you might be wondering, the real burning question, why the car in Monopoly. According to Obama, the car has the best stability, it does not fall over easily, leading to less frustration.

Earlier, YEN.com.gh reported that Former US President Barrack Obama has jokingly said he misses the fascinating work of presidency wishing there could be a third term.

The former head of state said that puzzling out the biggest political issues was professionally satisfying while adding that he did not miss having to wear a tie every day.

Speaking during an interview with Stephen Colbert, the two chastised President Donald Trump's presidency with Obama saying there were things Trump did that made him realise there were things he could get away with as a president.

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YEN.com.gh had previously reported Obama had been mentioned as the next possible United Kingdom's ambassador when Joe Biden takes power in America.

This would be embarrassing for UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson who had accused Obama of being anti-British due to his Kenyan heritage.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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