Nichole Beattie: 5 quick facts about the Walking Dead writer

Nichole Beattie: 5 quick facts about the Walking Dead writer

Nichole Beattie is no new name in Hollywood. She is a renowned and talented movie producer and screenwriter. One of her notable projects is The Walking Dead. She was born on November 19, 1976, in Minneapolis, in the heart of Minnesota, to her parents David and Melody Beattie. So, how well do you know her?

Her birth name is Nichole Marie Beattie. The screenwriter is great at composing motion pictures for film and TV. Most people have been wondering who is Nichole Beattie's husband? Well, the beauty is divorced.

5 quick facts about the Walking Dead writer

Most people are quite familiar with The Walking Dead series, but very few know the mastermind behind the well-scripted film. Here is a glimpse into her world.

1. Nichole Beattie is behind many popular films

The movie producer and screenwriter is talented in her work. She is behind many movies that have become a favorite for many people. For instance, she is the mastermind behind The Walking Dead, Prime Suspects, Sons of Anarchy, and Rubicon.

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2. Her parents divorced when she was young

Nichole's parents David and Melody Beattie, divorced when the screenwriter was relatively young. Her father was a counselor, while her mother was a famous writer.

One of her mother's notable achievements is authoring the best-selling biography Codependency No More, which entails her early life mishaps. After her parents' divorce, her mother raised her and her brother on her own. Her father, who has struggled with alcoholism, later passed on.

3. Nichole started her career in the film industry in 2005

She kick-started her career in 2005 as a staff essayist for the show John from Cincinnati. Some of the films she has featured her work include Prime Suspects, Sons of Anarchy, and Rubicon. Her zeal and hard work have seen her stand out in her career. She was nominated for QFTA Television Award for best writing from her work in The Walking Dead.

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4. Nichole is divorced

Nichole is currently divorced. She was married to the famous actor, director, and entertainer Michael Rapaport for 15 years until they divorced in 2015. The reason for Michael Rapaport and Nichole Beattie split remains unknown till today. Their separation was cited to irreconcilable differences as Nichole sought joint custody along with spousal payment.

The couple is parents to two children, namely Julian Ali Rapaport and Maceo Shane Rapaport. Michael Rapaport's wife since 2016 is known as Kebe Dunn. She is an actress and is famous for films such as Tournament of Laughs, Love for Rent, and In Session with Jonathan Pessin.

5. Nichole has made a fortune from her career

Nichole Beattie's net worth is estimated to be about $12 million. This is attributed to her successful career in the entertainment industry. She has been awarded for being behind successful projects such as The Walking Dead.

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