Residents of Guaca village find gold and silver amid economic crisis

Residents of Guaca village find gold and silver amid economic crisis

- Precious objects that washed up the shores of Venezuela provided some respite to residents of Guaca experiencing hardship occasioned by economic crisis

- Since the day a fisherman identified as Yolman Lares found gold medallion with an image of the Virg*n Mary, residents of Guaca started searching for precious objects

- Dozens of villagers have found at least one precious object and some of them sold the items to feed their families

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Residents of Guaca, a village in Venezuela, were blessed with different precious objects which washed up their shores at a time the country is experiencing economic collapse.

A fisherman identified as Yolman Lares was living in abject poverty with his family when he saw something glistening along the shore.

According to The New York Times, when Lares raked his hand through the sand, he pulled up a gold medallion with an image of the Virg*n Mary.

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Since that discovery, dozen of villages have also found at least one precious object, usually a gold ring.

Residents find gold
Precious objects washed up the shores of Venezuela, easing the pain of an economic crisis. Photo credit: The New York Times
Source: UGC

The report has it that some villagers sold their discoveries for as much as $1,500 (N570,375).

Life has been a living hell for people of this village, but the discoveries have afforded them some respite from their suffering.

Describing how he felt when he saw the precious object, Lare said:

“I began to shake, I cried from joy. It was the first time something special has happened to me.”

Ciro Quijada, a local fish plant worker who found a gold ring attributed the discovery to God.

He said:

"This is God, setting his agenda.”

In other news, an Indonesian coffin maker identified as Josua Hutagalung had his fortune changed when a meteorite worth £1.4 million (N716,629,595.36) crashed through the roof of his house.

The 33-year-old man said he was working on a coffin next to his house when the space rock smashed through the veranda at the edge of his living room.

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The meteorite, weighing 2.1kg was still warm and partially broken when the man brought it out from where it landed.

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