Man 'stands' with lions in photos, says he is conquering his fears

Man 'stands' with lions in photos, says he is conquering his fears

- A Nigerian man, Sani Yusuf, conquered his fears as he 'took' photos with lions

- Sani's snaps generated massive reactions on the platform as many marvelled at his bravery

- Tweeps said they would never feed the courage that would make them go close to the animal

A Nigerian man, Sani Yusuf, has set social media abuzz with photos of him posing with a pack of lions.

He captioned the photos with "Conquer your fears. Achievement unlocked". While cannot at the moment of writing this report verify the pictures, a closer look at Sani's profile shows he is a voracious traveller who has been to 62 cities in 33 countries.

In the first frame, he 'stood' some meters behind a lion and its lioness as he held a stick that looks like the one used by shepherds.

The second picture has the lioness standing on a tree and the other lying at the foot of same tree. In the third shot, the animal was captured in a motion mode as Sani 'walked' behind.

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See his post below:

When his photos surfaced on Twitter, many had a lot to say, asking why he would even dare go close to wild animals.

Man stands with lion in photos, says he is conquering his fears
The man 'stood' with the lions holding a stick like a nomad. Photo source: Sani Yusuf
Source: UGC compiled some of the reactions below:

@thereal_chike asked:

"Thought they said lion don’t climb trees, wetin I dey see so?"

@peterdgenius1 replied:

"Lions climb short trees o."

@Samuel0X_ wondered:

"Lmao. Is it the stick or you’re just too skinny for them to feed on?"

@MahmoudTokura said:

"Cowards live longer. Let the bush remain between me and them Amen."

@LKrukrubo shared a similar experience:

"Twas a scary experience but I'd do it over and again... There's something magical being so close to those lions... Tigers tho are a different story, even the feeders and breeders don't dare stray to the Tigers den. Tigers are way too deadly and unpredictable."

Meanwhile, earlier reported that Nigerians took to social media to express grave concern when photos of hungry-looking animals flooded the internet on Tuesday, November 10.

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It was gathered that a visitor who visited Gamji Gate Zoo in Kaduna state took pictures of a starved lion, hyena, and other animals.

Among the animals that appear to just be subsisting are crocodiles and a chimpanzee. A horrible sight shows some crocodiles in shallow waters.

Funmi Iyanda, a veteran Nigerian TV personality, wondered why an institution is keeping animals it could not adequately provide for.


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