Young lady overcome with joy as her student debt gets paid off

Young lady overcome with joy as her student debt gets paid off

- A young lady recently took to Facebook to explain how her heaps of student debt was paid off

- In her post, she expresses her joy at the miracle payment that was completely unexpected

- Facebookers joined her in celebrating, many of them headed to the comment section to share their thoughts on the heartwarming post

A local woman recently received the help that she didn't expect with paying off her student debt. Taking to Facebook's ImStaying, Vivian West explained how a certain financial institution had offered to help her pay the debt even though she hadn't applied.

"I am staying because of ABSA. I'm still in disbelief since Friday I've been trying to digest the fact that all my fees have been paid for and I'm finally going to get my qualification.
"After owing A LOT of money for my tuition at the Vaal University of Technology and not getting a job, I had made peace with the fact that I'd never get my qualification because there was no way I could get the money unless I won the lottery."

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A young South African lady received help paying her student debt
Vivian is overjoyed that she received help with her student debt. Images: Vivian West
Source: UGC

She then explains how she received a call from the university informing her that she had been chosen to receive a bursary from the financial institution and that she would not have to pay anything back to them.

"At this moment I think it's some sort of scam because I am 100% sure I didn't apply for anything and it's December guys, the lady then asked for my email address so that she can an agreement form for me to sign and send back to her.
"After getting the email I noticed her email address was legit and from the university but still, bursary? Bursary? Me? I kept asking myself. "

Eventually, she filled in all the necessary forms and out of curiosity went to check her balance with the university, which was zero, much to her delight and surprise.

"So yes guys God showed up when all hope was lost. As for ABSA engineering services, I am forever grateful, you made my 2020. I'm going to collect my qualification."

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Stayers had this to say:

Marimo Alice said:

"Happy for you. There is a God in Heaven."

Chyna Ramruthan said:

"Wow, that’s phenomenal. Thank God for His blessings."

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