2 kids empty keg of oil over parent's car, generate reactions on Twitter

2 kids empty keg of oil over parent's car, generate reactions on Twitter

- An 'angry' mother, Bongiwe Malunga, has shared photos of her little children and the car they messed up

- Bongiwe said that she would be punishing them by cancelling her plans for their new Christmas clothes

- Tweeps reacted funnily to her post as some said that children's curiosity should always be monitored

Kids could be as 'destructive' as they are lovely when they are not watched. A mother identified as Bongiwe Malunga has brought her children's demeanour to Twitter.

In a series of photos shared online, the children remorsefully stood beside the car they emptied a keg of oil on.

As a punishment, the woman said that the children would not be getting Christmas clothes. Their photos have generated massive reactions from parents and people online.

See her post below:

As at the time of writing this report, the mother's tweet has gathered over 40,000 likes with thousands of comments.

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Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

@odwa_goduka said:

"2019 these kids didn't get Christmas clothes nango 2020 they are at the same crime scene not getting Christmas clothes."

@setlharetee said:

"Kids are the most curious beings. Don't kill their curiosity at this young age, especially when they are this curious. I see smart individuals when they grow up, if they are raised with this mentality."
2 kids empty keg of oil over parent's car, generate reactions on Twitter
The woman said she is cancelling her plan to get them Christmas cloths. Photo source: @BIndlovukazi
Source: UGC

@SkedoKimZ said:

"Look at how innocent they look while still standing on the crime scene."

@Observer_July asked:

"But you must take the blame for not storing the oil out of reach. What if they drank it? Or found a source of flame and burned themselves?"

@Boipelo_Joy replied:

"Kids are very unpredictable and curious no matter how careful and cautious you are they will always find something extreme to do."

Meanwhile, YEN.COM.GH earlier reported that a baby, Annabelle, took her dental health seriously or something that looks like that as a video captured her wasting away toothpaste in the bathroom.

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As Annabelle's mum walked in on her in the bathroom and shouted "Jesus Christ", asking the girl what she is doing, the kid said:

"Mummy, I'm brushing, I'm brushing".

What was perhaps most funny about the whole clip was that the kid's cheek had toothpaste plastered on it as she tried to take another from the tube.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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