60+ best female wizard names that are cool for your fantasy world

60+ best female wizard names that are cool for your fantasy world

If given a chance to name anything or someone, what direction will you take? You would probably look for a meaningful one, presumably related to your unique circumstances at the time of naming. If you are fascinated by magic and wonder about the existence of something beyond normal comprehension, then trying out the fantasy world is a great idea. What female wizard names will you apply to your character? A great name is memorable, choose the perfect fantasy world name and make it exciting.

female wizard names
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Remember that a great name sticks and gives a great feel to a person or a place. In the fantasy world, names make things fun, and they are like glue between the story and the world.

That is why you ought to choose remarkable female sorcerer names that have substance. Imagine having a name that no one else ever thought about? Isn't it a great way of creating a unique identity?

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Unique female wizard names for your fantasy world

Maybe you are looking for the funniest wizard and witch names. You do not need a magic ball or a third eye, as there are numerous names you can settle on if you look in the right places. Fortunately, you can choose any of the ones mentioned below. You will find them cool and exciting.

  • Agnes: means pure or holy.
  • Alice: the name means noble.
  • Alison: means son of Alice.
  • Angela: means angel.
  • Bessie: represents oath of God.
  • Cassandra: exotic name meaning prophetess.
  • Circe: represents bird.
  • Evanora: derived from Hebrew and means life.
  • Glinda: common in Europe and the United States and means fair or good.
  • Gwen: means a healer or herbalist.
  • Jadis: means gorgeous little girl.
  • Joan: is linked to Joan Peterson, that was a healer of medieval times.
  • Laurie: means baby Laurel.
  • Leanne: means dweller by the wood.
  • Lacosta: literary name belonging to the north's good witch in the "Wizard of Oz."
  • Maleficent: means prone to evil.
  • Margaret: the name means pearl.
  • Margery: means pearl.
  • Mary: represents bitterness.
  • Madea: traditional Greek name meaning middle.
  • Minerva: means of the mind.
  • Moll: a pet form of the name Mary meaning bitter.
  • Morgan: Welsh name meaning circle or sea.
  • Phoebe: fictitious name meaning radiant or shining one.
  • Rita: the name means pearl.
  • Tamsin: an offbeat name associated with one of the esteemed witches of England, Tamsin Blight.
  • Theodora: means the gift of God.
  • Ursula: connected to the most bizarre-looking witches of all time.

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Cool female wizard names

female wizard names
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Many writers would agree that the hardest thing to come up with is a good, believable name for their characters. The same applies when looking for good female wizard names. There is no straightforward formula for creating a name but working with the ideas you have.

Even though notable female wizard names are rare jewels, you can easily access cool ones for your character.

  • Alcina: Greek sorceress and the titular character from an opera by Handel.
  • Baymorda: means imaginative.
  • Circe: according to Greek legend, she was a sorceress that concerted humans into wolves, lions, and swine with drugs.
  • Cassandra: Princess of Troy from Greek methodology.
  • Diana: means queen of the witches.
  • Hazel: symbolizes fertility.
  • Hecate: means universal keeper of keys.
  • Jasmine: holds Arabic origin and is an aromatic flower known to be magical.
  • Jinx: symbolizes terrible luck.
  • Phoebe: titan from Greek mythology.
  • Rowena: means joy or fame.
  • Sylvia: means the spirit of the wood.
  • Selene: one of the tri goddesses, Hecate and Diana being the other two.
  • Sidney: servant of Dinosyus in Greek methodology.
  • Sophia: means the feminine aspect of God.
  • Titania: the great one.
  • Vesta: means to stay or dwell.
  • Agate: means good woman.
  • Allegra: stems from Italy and means joyful, happy, or lively.
  • Andromeda: the daughter of Zeus in Greek methodology transformed into a constellation.
  • Ariadne: means most holy.
  • Astra: means of the stars.
  • Alcina: Greek sorceress ruling over magical islands.
  • Asterope: translates to starry-face, but its idiomatic meaning is lightning.
  • Beatrix: means blessed.

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Female warlock names

female wizard names
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Enchanting, downright captivating female warlock names are what you need to make your characters enjoyable. If you are wondering where to start, you ought to utilize the following names in your fiction.

  • Belinda: translates to a beautiful snake.
  • Celeste: comes from Latin and means heavenly.
  • Cerys: is of Welsh descent and means love.
  • Charlotte: female derivative of the name Charles.
  • Clementine: has French and Latin heritage and means mild and merciful.
  • Dahlia: means Dahl’s flower.
  • Edith: means prosperous in war.
  • Elizabeth: of Hebrew heritage and translates to pledged to God.
  • Elsie: Scottish and means pledged to God.
  • Ginevra: means white shadow or white wave.
  • Gwendolyn: means white ring.
  • Hazel: associated with the plant called hazel that possesses medicinal properties.
  • Hilda: means battle woman and has German roots.
  • Sabrina: means white rose and is common in Western European cultures.
  • Selene: means moon goddess.
  • Selma: means godly helmet.
  • Vera: means faith or verity.
  • Willow: a species of tree associated with elegance and grace.
  • Zelda: the name of German lineage meaning gray fighting maid.
  • Poppy: means red flower.
  • Ophelia: means help and is of Greek origin.
  • Ondine: according to legend, she was a spirit of waters.
  • Matilda: means battle-mighty.
  • Hecate: name of a mythological goddess that ruled over magic, moon, night, witchcraft, necromancy, and ghosts.

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Cute wizard girl names

Maybe you are not interested in fierce female wizard names and are looking for something cute. When it comes to deciding the ultimate wizard girl names, it is just as much about the name as it is about the story behind it. Therefore, make sure you settle on the most idealistic witch names for girls for your character.

  • Flora: means flowers.
  • Gaia: means goddess of the earth.
  • Selene: means goddess of the moon.
  • Raven: means crow and is of English origin.
  • Agate: means good woman.
  • Aurelia: means golden one.
  • Asterope: means starry face.
  • Beatrix: means she who brings happiness or blessing.
  • Bessie: means oath to God.
  • Belinda: has a snake meaning symbolizing immortality and wisdom.
  • Bridget: means the heavenly one.
  • Cerys: means love.
  • Elsie: means pledge to God.
  • Evanora: means life and is of Hebrew origin.
  • Glinda: means fair or good.
  • Mira: means admirable, peaceful, world or female ruler.
  • Nora: means light.
  • Rowena: means joy or fame.
  • Tasmin: means twin associated with one of the witches of England Tasmin Blight.
  • Zelda: means gray fighting maid.

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Evil witch names for your fantasy character

female wizard names
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If you are bored by the simple and nice witch and wizard names and are looking for something evil and a great representation of the common perception, you are in luck. You can access a massive collection of such names that are a perfect representation of your fantasy character and brings out what you desire.

  • Bellatrix: a very evil figure in the Harry Potter series.
  • Melisandre: typical evil figure in modern literature.
  • Cerridwen: means Welsh enchantress.
  • Cordelia: means jewel of the sea.
  • Lilith: Adam’s first wife and often associated with goddesses and night demons.
  • Strega: Italian name for a witch.

Among the above female wizard names, which one do you find appropriate for your fantasy character? Perhaps you prefer going for evil ones to give your character ideal spookiness and create respect. Or maybe you like a firm name that comes out warrior-like.

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It is up to you to settle on the one you prefer. After all, that is the fun of playing fantasy games; you get to name your characters however you like.

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