Is Sonnie Badu The Most Valuable Artiste From Africa?

Is Sonnie Badu The Most Valuable Artiste From Africa?

Is Sonnie Badu The Most Valuable Artiste From Africa?
Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Agyemang Badu, UK-based International gospel musician keeps making Ghana proud with his songs and his ministry. For a man who has filled the stadium twice with a gathering of God loving people to worship God, he keeps projecting the name of Ghana high.

Sonnie, who is known for having rains pour down before each concert has still kept his promise to God to sing and serve him for the rest of his life. For this promise, God has also not turned his back on him and continuous to bless him. In this piece I share credible proof that he is indeed the most valuable African Gospel Artiste of all times and also one of the wealthiest African Gospel Musician of all times.

It is a well known fact that Sonnie aside singing “Baba” is a top business man. From a real estate developer, owner of a day care centre to being an owner of a clothing line, he started off as an author of two bestselling books and now has two more books to his credits yet to be released with a daily devotional in addition.


Due to his promise to God to serve him with his voice, God has blessed him such that he sings in several dialects. Sonnie applauds the Nigerian community for supporting his ministry and hopes his mother country Ghana would also do so.

In Ghana many regard him as expensive but I dare say he is worth the money that is paid. Sonnie, is gradually gearing to become one of the most expensive gospel artiste in the world and not Africa alone. His “Africa Worships concerts have visited many European countries from the United States, Surinam, Canada and African countries like Kenya. Minister Badu’s charge of $50,000 per concert can arguably put him on the list of the wealthiest African gospel musicians, if there is anything like that.

Sonnie Badu started off his career with one clothing line and now he has added a chain of other clothing lines. The latest addition is the baby clothing line under the registered name Lala clothing line. In addition to the above, Sonnie, who is currently studying for a degree and masters in music recently added the Sonnie Badu Music Academy to his chain of businesses. Like he says, “God gives us many talents, and wisdom on earth, so as a gospel artiste there is the need to find your path and add to your music career”.

The Badu brand of clothing, books, music sells the entire world over. To get a copy one just needs a click on with a credit card. In November last year, Sonnie self-financed his yet to be released album which was live recorded with three great American gospel artistes; these are  Darwin Hobbs, Dee Jones and Darwin Hobbs. The total project which cost $335,000 was recorded by award winning sound engineer Danny Donkin, he is the sound engineer behind Israel Houghton, Cece Winnans and Marvin Sapp.

Sonnie’s achievement earned him a spot in American Gospel artiste, Jonathan Nelson’s new album. Jonathan Nelson took to Instagram handle to announce to his fans that Minister Sonnie Badu was the only African musician to feature on the live recording of his new album. The live recording of the album dubbed “fearless” featured top American gospel giants; Kim Burrell, Tye Tribett and Dorinda Clark-Cole. At the recording of Jonathan’s album, Sonnie’s hit song “Baba” was live recorded on Jonathan’s “Fearless” album. The following links are proof that 'Baba' is doing well globally.

This endorsement by Jonathan adds up to the several that Sonnie has received from the many who have sang “Baba”. Several videos on YouTube show many choirs the world over, both Africans and Europeans in the United States, endorsing the “Baba” song. The latest endorsement of the “Baba” song is by Prophet Brian Carn, a reknown prophet who preaches with Benny Hinn. Prophet Carn in this video is seen singing “Baba”.

Now if this is not the blessing of God, what then could this be?

Talk of social media and Sonnie is in touch with fans on social media. From interacting with fans and updating them on his various programmes he is well rated on social media. The International Act is well rated high on You Tube and ITunes, where he is paid for views and sale of his songs. His followership on social media has earned him the title of a mentor to some young men on social media. Currently he is mentoring, Chris winner of Vodafone Icons. Sonnie Badu owes the right to all his songs and for an African, precisely a Ghanaian musician to be making it in the United Kingdom, obviously there is no doubt that he is blessed by God.

A chat with Sonnie about his ministry would not be complete without the testimonies of many who have received healing. He is a singer, minister, preacher and all the other names you could call him. The underlying factor is that testimonies of healing during his services abound. Testimonies of healing from Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis and many others abound. So after all said and done, I conclude by saying Sonnie Badu is expensive as an artiste but he sure is worth every penny for one’s money.


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