Elle Fanning net worth 2021: Is she richer than Dakota Fanning?

Elle Fanning net worth 2021: Is she richer than Dakota Fanning?

Elle Fanning's resolve to pursue an acting career instead of following her parents' footsteps is paying her off. Even though she once rode on the coattails of her elder sister, Dakota, her unparalleled acting skills have won her fans across the globe. Today, Elle Fanning net worth has become an interesting topic that many love to talk about, especially on social media.

Elle Fanning net worth
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Elle Fanning is the second daughter of Heather Joy and Steven J. Fanning. She was born on the 9th of April, 1998, in a small town in Georgia, USA. The actress went to school with her elder sister, Dakota, a successful actress.

The two sisters took a totally different career route from their sporty parents and became movie stars at a tender age. Fanning first movie role was playing the younger version of her elder sister in I am Sam.

Elle Fanning net worth Forbes

Currently 23 years old, Elle Fanning net worth is estimated at $6 million. Although Elle Fanning net worth Forbes report is yet to be published, she made a considerable fortune from acting. It also makes more sense when you realize that she has been starring in Hollywood movies as early as when she was two years old.

Since making her first appearance, she has gone on to act in several other movies. Her major break did not come until 2011, when she starred in the movie Super 8. She became a face model for big fashion brands.

Just as the popular adage that birds of a feather flock together, Elle Fanning boyfriend is also an actor. Who is Elle Fanning dating? He is Max Minghella. Max comes from a successful acting family.

His dad, Anthony Minghella, is an Oscar winner for his screenwriting and directorship role in movies like The Talented Mr Ripley and The English Patient.

How did Elle make her wealth?

Since appearing on the screen as a two-year-old actress, Elle has stepped out of her sister’s shadow and carved a name for herself in Hollywood. She has acted alongside big names such as Eddie Murphy, Ben Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix, and Angelina Jolie.

She has about 45 different nominations in different award categories and has won 12 of those. These and her net worth are testaments to how successful she is in the movie industry. Some of the movies she has starred in include:

Elle Fanning net worth
Fanning appears virtually on Twitter's live stream. Photo: @2021 HFPA Presents
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  • The Vanishing of Sydney Hall
  • Twixt (Horror)
  • Daddy Day Care
  • 3 Generations
  • I am Sam
  • Live by Night
  • Reservation Road
  • Mary Shelley
  • Maleficient
  • Leap
  • The Roads not Taken
  • A rainy Day in New York
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties
  • Young ones
  • Low Down
  • Astro Boy (Animation)
  • Because of Winn-Dixie
  • Déjà vu

Interestingly, the 23-year-old actress does not get all her fame and fortune only by starring in movies. She is confident about her physique and makes money as a brand ambassador of famous fashion brands.

The actress's efforts in the fashion world must have caught the attention of L’Oréal Paris. In 2017, the fashion brand announced her as an ambassador and became the organization’s international spokesperson.

In 2018, Elle Fanning opened and closed the Miu Miu show. This was an important shot for her, even though she always had a history with the runway. She has appeared on this show more times after then.

The same year, she appeared in an ad campaign for Tiffany & Co. This firm is a renowned fashion brand that deals in jewellery and other beauty accessories. The actress partnered with As$p Ferg in the advert, where she played a new age, Holly Golightly. The advert is somewhat like a dreamy tale of love, art, culture, and music.

Elle Fanning net worth
Fanning during an interview. Photo: @NBC/NBCU
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Dakota Fanning vs Elle Fanning net worth

Fans are usually curious and often ask the question, "how much does Elle Fanning earn?" Sometimes, it is to compare her net worth with that of her elder sister, Dakota Fanning. Dakota Fanning movies appearances started before her younger sister's. So, it is not surprising that Dakota Fanning net worth as of 2021 is estimated at $12 million compared to Elle's, which is $6 million.

A few of the most popular movies associated with Dakota include The Twilight Saga and Uptown Girls. As expected, she has also been nominated for several awards for her roles in Hollywood movies. She got her first nomination at the age of seven for her part in the movie, I am Sam. So far, she has won 17 out of about 36 award nominations.

Since Elle played the younger version of her sister in I am Sam, they have not been in a movie together. However, something is cooking behind the scene. According to news, they are both featured in The Nightingale, an upcoming movie. As Elle will put it in an interview, the movie set to be released later in 2021 is “a true sister story.”

Evidently, the sisters are part of the most popular and wealthiest active siblings in Hollywood. Is Elle richer than her sister? Although they have both made their marks in the movie industry, Dakota enjoys a higher net worth.

Elle is just 23 years old and has achieved a somewhat heroin status in Hollywood. One can only imagine what lies ahead for her career and personal life as she grows older. So, as Elle Fanning net worth increases, hopefully, she will continue to make the right choices that will help foster a healthier and more successful life.

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