What is rattan material and why is it popular? Rattan facts and information

What is rattan material and why is it popular? Rattan facts and information

Rattan is a flexible and sustainable natural material that is used in making furniture, baskets, canes, mats and other handicrafts. It is a tropical plant that has stalks of small circumference and grows exceptionally tall. The core of the stalk is carefully hewn into small pieces and steamed to make it malleable. This is the part that is used to make furniture. The peel of the plant is also used to tie the joints together when making chairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture.

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There are two types of this material; natural and synthetic rattan. The natural one is quite expensive and difficult to obtain, especially if you live in a country where it does not grow naturally. Since most of this furniture is used outside, having long-lasting and durable synthetic furniture is a smarter option.

What is rattan made of? Natural rattan is made from natural plant strands (palm). The synthetic material is made from a man-made fibre that is sturdier than the natural one. The fibres are woven just like the natural material is, however, they are coated with UV additives that help prevent fading and wear. The synthetic material is also known as resin wicker.

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What is rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture is any type of furniture made from this material. What plant is rattan? It is a climbing vine-like palm that is native to the tropical jungles of Asia, Malaysia, and China. However, it can also be found in parts of Africa. It is a luxury furnishing style that has been around for a while and has become quite popular.

These days, you can find rattan furniture in most homes due to its popularity. The furniture is easy to integrate most house decors, especially for those who are looking for outdoor furniture. The maintenance is also very little, all you need is some water and a rag to wipe it down and it is as good as new.

Rattan chairs are the most common types of this furniture that are used outdoors. It is uncommon to miss a rattan chair on a lawn or an outdoor patio. One trend that is also on the rise is the use of rattan mirrors. They look just like normal mirrors, but the frame is made of this material instead of wood.

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Is Rattan Waterproof? No, the natural material is not waterproof. It is heavily affected by the weather. When natural rattan gets wet, it is likely to rot and decay if not dried fast. The material can also get brittle if it gets too much sun.

Synthetic rattan is not affected by water and does not fade in the sun due to its powdered coat and aluminium frame. It is also quite strong and can withstand rough handling.

Why is rattan so expensive?

As mentioned earlier, natural rattan furniture is stronger and more durable than other types of furniture. If it is protected from natural elements, it can last for an extremely long time. Synthetic rattan is also strong, durable, and can last even in the harshest weather conditions. All of this adds up to the material, or items made from the material, being expensive.

Although the price is a bit higher than that of other materials, it is worth it. Cheaper materials mean more repairs and maintenance, which is not an issue for rattan. The initial price may be a bit higher than normal, but when compared to the price of repairs that other materials require, this option is cheaper in the long run.

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Materials similar to rattan

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Furniture made from this material has a distinct look, one which one can recognize at first sight. However, there are other types that are similar in look which may lead to some confusion between them. If you are looking for the real thing, it is important to know these differences so that you do not get the wrong furniture.

Bamboo vs rattan

Are Bamboo and rattan the same? There is a common misconception that bamboo and rattan furniture are the same thing. However, the two are different materials that can easily be differentiated. The first difference is that bamboo is hollow while rattan is solid.

Also, bamboo is not malleable and cannot bend. Although rattan is one of the strongest materials on earth, it is more flexible than bamboo and can be shaped into various patterns. The best way to tell between the two is to check whether the canes in your furniture are curved. If they are, then it is most definitely made of rattan.

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Wicker vs rattan

What is the difference between wicker and rattan? The difference is that the latter is a material used to make furniture while wicker is a weaving style. Wicker items can be made using various natural and synthetic materials, they get the name from the style used to weave them. This is where most of the confusion stems from.

If someone buys a rattan basket that was woven using the wicker method, they may be confused as to whether they have a wicker basket or a rattan basket.

Rattan is a material that is used to weave furniture. This furniture is commonly used for outdoor décor because of its sleek and luxurious look. However, the material can also be used to weave items like baskets and mats. Do you want to know why the material is popular? Here are some facts and information about it.

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