Hooded eyes: Meaning and fascinating make up tips and tricks

Hooded eyes: Meaning and fascinating make up tips and tricks

If you are a makeup artist or just a cosmetic fanatic, you would most likely have noticed that the shape of eyebrows varies. Some people have normal eyebrows, and others have noticeably excess skin beneath their brows. Although Asians are more associated with hooded eyes, they can also be found in several diverse world groups.

Hooded eyes
Ally Brooke has hooded eyes. Photo: Joseph Okpako (modified by author)
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If you are inclined with socials, you will find that celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, and Blake Lively have this unique facial feature, otherwise called hooded eyelids. This unique facial peculiarity features an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller.

Hooded eyes meaning

What are hooded eyes? Hooded eyes are when you have excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line. They are one of the many traits that show each individual as a unique genetic entity and are characterised by an extra pad of skin overlapping the eye. The 'hood' overlying the eyes of such individuals tends to become more evident as such people age.

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How do you know if you have hooded eyes? It's relatively easy to tell; get a mirror and stare at it. While doing that, open your eyes as widely as you can; if the skin under your eyes hides a significant part of your eye's upper eyelid, then it's affirmative.

Differences between hooded eye and droopy eye

For clarity, a hooded eye differs from a droopy eye. They may look similar, but the droopy eye is a pathological situation that interferes with a people's ability to keep their eyes open entirely voluntarily.

The droopy eye can affect vision, resulting in more complications. Although less popular than the hooded eye, the droopy eye is also present in some renowned personalities.

Are hooded eyes attractive?

In truth, it can be pretty challenging to do some makeup styles with hooded eyes because of the smaller eyelid workspace, but that certainly isn't a disadvantage. It only means that people with hooded eyes would have to be more creative and skilful in handling their challenges.

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Nevertheless, hooded eyes are attractive if you can put on the skill and creativity needed. If celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lawrence can appear so beautiful, not minding their hooded eyes, you can do the same. Overhaul and spice up your variety until a fancy idea comes out.

Hooded eyes
Rose McGowan with enhanced hooded eyes. Photo: Paul Zimmerman (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

How to enhance hooded eyes

If you've already observed the shape of your eyes and found them to be hooded eyes, meaning that they hide your upper eyelid, then you might probably be thinking of ways to enhance them. This brings us to the creative world of makeup for hooded eyes.

Unlike cosmetics for regular eyes, hooded eyelids require patience and accurate makeup skills to create an appealing finish. Therefore, you can follow these steps if you wish to enhance your hooded eye.

1. Line your upper lid only with a fine-point eyeliner pen

Using a waterproof maker product, line your upper lid singly, but do not make the wing too long too. This is essential, so you do not overrun the eye shadow and give your eyes a small appearance. Also, the hood of your eyes could spread the liner if it's too thick, doubling the black line on your brow.

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2. Drawing at an ascending angle, blend the colours from light to dark

The best eyeshadow for hooded eyes is anyone that comes in varying shades. With your preferred selection, apply bright colours at the base of your eyelid and your inner eye.

3. Prime your eyes to minimise rough work

Using a primer would reduce roughening of your makeup. For example, you could use those made for the eyes, like Blinc eye shadow primer, to minimise the probability of your hood doubling your eyeliner.

4. Keep the hood light

To compensate for their hidden crease, don't apply too many dark coloured eye shadows to the eye hood; this would keep the area looking at ease and light.

5. Attend to your eyebrows

The lowered shape of this hooded eye makes your brows more prominent. So, style this region even more than the eyelid. Design an arc through light drawings, and then apply a lighter colour beneath to make the brown bone more stylish.

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Suitable eyeliners for hooded eyes

If you wish to get incredibly reliable eyeliners, then you need to know what makes an eyeliner good enough for your use. If yours is a hooded eye, check out the following before purchasing any eyeliner.

Hooded eyes
Model Emm Arruda wears colourful hooded eye makeup. Photo: Melodie Jeng (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

Component elements

It's better to go for products that have less possibility of reacting with your eyes and skin. For example, use eyeliners made of organic materials and are less harmful. Also, ensure the liner you eventually purchase is certified safe by an opthalmologist and dermatologist.

Brush tip type

Hooded eyes require sharp tip brushes to enable the precision and clarity of lines. If the brushes are not sharp-tipped, the lines would be blurred, preventing a flawless expression. Also, preferably get a liquid liner, not a gel-like one.


If you do not mind applying the liner as regularly as it clears off, then it's more suitable to go for a product that can afford you an entire day's coverage.

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Waterproof and smudge-proof

Another critical feature of a good eyeliner for hooded eyes is that it is waterproofed and stays put regardless of sweat, rain, cold, and heat. Eyeliners affected by tears and other weather elements would fail to achieve the purpose you acquired them.

Tips for applying eyeliners for hooded eyes

When applying the eyeliners for your hooded eyes, tighten your upper waterline because you will apply the liner here, firstly, not to your eyelid. After that, raise your eyelid and apply the liner, beginning from its outer corner.

More so, to give a uniform appearance, stroke in between your eyelashes gently and draw in eyeshadow from your tear duct region to amplify the look. Then, softly blend the eyeshadows, curl your eyelashes, and dab in some mascara. If you wish, you may obtain synthetic eyelash extensions.

Can you get rid of hooded eyes?

You, you can, if you wish to. Hooded eyes treatment range from surgical to non-surgical methods. Besides surgery (Blepharoplasty), the most expensive procedure, there are other means of getting rid of it. Some ways include Eyebrow thread lift, Plasma fibroblast treatments, Resurfacing lasers, Temple and brow filler, and Botox.

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Hooded eyes are not a diseased condition, and they only appear different to give those who have them a unique appearance. Accordingly, anyone who has them should endeavour to maximise their 'differences' by taking advantage of the makeup tips already discussed.

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