Amina Muaddi: Everything you need to know about Hollywood's favourite footwear designer

Amina Muaddi: Everything you need to know about Hollywood's favourite footwear designer

If you are a fashionista and pay attention to what you wear, you must have come across Amina Muaddi's brands of shoes. Although the shoe designer has been active in the fashion industry for about a decade, she came into the limelight a few years ago.

Amina Muaddi
Designer Amina Muaddi at La Cite Du Cinema in Saint-Denis, France. Photo: Marc Piasecki
Source: Getty Images

Amina Muaddi creates comfy footwear that helps females feel great. At the age of 35, she is already walking the steps of luxury shoemakers such as Christian Louboutin. She was the most celebrated designer in 2019, and this is obvious with the total celebrities that associate with her footwear.

Who is Amina Muaddi?

Amina Muaddi is one of the most celebrated footwear designers in the world. Muaddi understands the business of fashion and makes some of her shoe collections exclusive. She does this to give her customers a sense of owning something peculiar to them.

What ethnicity is Amina Muaddi? The Paris-based, Italian-raised designer shares a Romanian and Jordanian ethnicity because her mother is Romanian while her father is Jordanian. So, is Amina Muaddi black? Well, her nationality is Romania, since she was born there.

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Nevertheless, her early life involved moving from Jordan to Romania. Unfortunately, her parents divorced when she was six years old. Later on, she spent some time in Italy, New York, and Paris, chasing her childhood dreams of becoming a fashion star.

How did Amina Muaddi's shoes become popular?

Amina moved to Italy when she was 16 years old to further her education. She spent three years at the European Institute of Design, Milan, Italy. Childhood memories of her mother influenced Amina’s interests in fashion and, essentially, footwear.

She admitted that she always adored her mother’s sense of fashion. Back then, she would watch her mom dress up and, in the process, learnt the art of fashion.

Amina Muaddi
Tina Kunakey and designer Amina Muaddi at La Cite Du Cinema. Photo: Marc Piasecki
Source: Getty Images

After graduating from the institute, Amina Muaddi worked briefly with fashion brands like L’uomo Vogue and GQ US, New York. However, she always wanted something unique and had an idea of how her footwear would look.

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The fashion designer had always been interested in the general subject of fashion but chose to focus on footwear. According to her, shoes help individuals transform into their moods, unlike fashion accessories like bags.

Amina understands the importance and difference between being educated and knowledgeable. So, she went to Italy’s most popular shoemaking district in Riviera del Brenta to pursue her dream.

After learning some integral aspects of the business by working and interacting with suppliers, customers, and footwear companies, Amina started her first footwear company. She named it Oscar Tiye and ran the business with her partner for about six years. After that, she went to work with Alexandre Vauthier on some of his shoe collections.

In 2018, the Paris-based footwear designer unveiled a shoe-designing and shoemaking company and named it after herself. The shoes are designed in Paris and manufactured in Italy. As a result, her shoes became a hit in the fashion world.

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Beautiful enough, the footwears are comfortably sexy and can be worn for a long period, irrespective of height. In addition, they come in varieties of pumps, sling-backs, boots. For instance, Amina Muaddi's heels are easily recognizable because of their distinct lasts and flats.

Celebrities who rock Amina Muaddi shoes

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Princess Rania of Jordan pride themselves in wearing her footwear.

So far, one of the Paris-based footwear designer's most successful collections is the Amina Muaddi Begum Glass shoes. Besides, Amina Muaddi Clear shoes are a blend of luxury and comfort.

Amina Muaddi's collaboration with Rihanna's Fenty

The Italian-raised footwear designer's involvement with the new Rihanna's shoe production started from a friendship with Fenty's Deputy creative director, Jahleel Weaver. Fenty is a fashion brand that Rihanna established. It deals in perfumes, footwear, dresses, and handbags, amongst other fashion accessories.

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Amina Muaddi
Amina Muaddi's footwear. Photo: @aminamuaddi
Source: Instagram

Jahleel shared some fashion ideas with Amina after they became friends, and before long, they started doing something together. In July 2020, after sharing information on the new Rihanna shoes' collaboration with Muaddi, they made appreciable sales.

The first collection sold out in record time and earned Muaddi and Fenty the Collaborator of the Year Award from the Shoe Oscars. This impressive patronage inspired the duo to organize another collaborative effort.

How can I buy Amina Muaddi?

You can get the exclusive brands of the Paris-based footwear designer's shoes and bags on the company's official website and other leading online retail outlets.

Although the footwear cost a fortune, the beauty and comfort they offer are worth the prices. For instance, Amina Muaddi Begum shoes cost between £650 and over £1000 per pair. The brand also has some exquisite clutch bags to compliment your overall outlook.

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Amina Muaddi did not rest on her laurels even after having an impressive resumé working for Alexander Vauthier, GQ US, and L'uomo Vogue. On her 31st birthday, she quit the company she started with another partner, which led to bigger accomplishments. Muaddi's Instagram is a beehive of fashion activities today.

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