Stardew Valley fish: The ultimate guide on how to catch fish

Stardew Valley fish: The ultimate guide on how to catch fish

Fishing is a thrilling activity. It is even more fun when in a game that challenges you to different levels and stages. Stardew Valley fish is one way of passing the time. You get to learn more about the game the more you play. You also unlock some new skills as an individual when you continuously play Stardew Valley fish.

Stardew Valley fish
Stardew valley fish complete fish collection. Photo: @stardewvalleyfan
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When playing Stardew Valley fish, know which kind of fish are to be caught during spring, fall, winter, or summer. Every player aims to capture the top five renowned fish.

Stardew Valley fish types

The first thing you need to do before learning how to fish is understanding various fish types and where or in which season they are available. You can catch fish in any Stardew Valley fish pond, lake, river, ocean or in mines. Here is a classification of all the types of catches you can find in this game:

  • General/common fish: Include Chub, Perch and so forth. This fish can be found in lakes, rivers, and forests throughout the year.
  • Lake fish: Just as the name suggests, they can only be found in lakes. Examples here include Bullhead and Carp.
  • Ocean fish: Include sardine, octopus, and sea cucumber. These fish are mostly available in Winter or Spring.
  • River fish: Includes Salmon, trout, and pike. They are usually caught during summer or fall.
  • Night fish: Include Bream, Koi and so on. They are found at night in rivers, oceans, and mountain lakes.
  • Speciality fish: These special fees are found in mines, forests, deserts, and secret woods. They are found from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm.
  • Legendary fish: These are the rarest fish to catch. Higher fishing skills are required here.
  • Night fish market: These fish can only be caught at night and fetch a good price.

Stardew Valley fishing guide

So now you know the different types of fish found in the game, their uses, where you can fish them and the time you can find them. But, how do you go about catching them? Here are Stardew Valley fishing tips that will make you a better fisherman:

1. Catch fish early morning: This method works well when you want to catch a specific type of fish.

2. Use bait: Bait is used to attract certain kinds of fish. For this game, you can use dish O' the sea, fish stew, sea foaming pudding or bisque. Make sure you keep an eye on the water level while baiting.

3. Be patient: It takes time to catch fish. Sometimes you may fail several times until you finally succeed.

5. Cast your line away from the shore: When casting your line, ensure that you cast it far enough away from the shore. That way, there's less chance of getting snagged by rocks or trees. Also, remember to reel in slowly once you feel something hit the hook.

7. Keep your fishing pole tip low: Don’t let the tip of your rod touch the bottom of the pool. Doing so could cause damage to your pole. Instead, lower it down gently.

8. Know the right spot: Different species of fish are found in different spots. For example, the legendary fish are found in sewers and special parts. Find these places then wait patiently for the fish to bite.

9. Cast your line where bubbles appear: They indicate the presence of fish. However, you should therefore lookout for those areas before trying to fish as you might find underwater plants which might damage your rode.

10. Level up your fishing skills and equipment: You can increase your chances of success by levelling up your fishing skill. To do so, head over to the fishing shop. There you can purchase new rods and reels.

How to fish in Stardew Valley

Below is the Stardew Valley fishing guide to help you catch your favourite fish. There are two main ways; casting and catching.


Before casting, you have set your mind to catch the legendary fish in Stardew Valley. This will help you focus. Casting a line will require you to go to the river, lake, or ocean with your fishing pole. Press the action button, and a meter will pop up.

Stardew valley fish
Stardew Valley fish ponds. Photo: @stardewvalleyfan
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Before casting, you have set your mind to catch the legendary fish in Stardew Valley. This will help you focus. Casting a line will require you to go to the river, lake, or ocean with your fishing pole. Press the action button, and a meter will pop up.

Know that the fuller the bar when you hit the button a second time, the further your line will be cast. Different fish will land on the bobber depending on where it lands. An experienced individual knows that you need to throw further out from the land to catch more and better fish.

Ensure that you watch out for a pool of bubbles in the water when you cast. This technique will persuade the fish to bite more rapidly and boost your chances of catching a different type of fish.


Check your progress bar on the fishing rod. The progress bar is located on the right-hand side while the fish bar is located on the left-hand side. The progress bar tells you how close you are to catching the fish. The green colour indicates that you are about to catch your fish.

The display of the red colour shows that you are not anywhere close to catching the fish. The progress bar keeps changing. Lookout as it is what tells you whether you are almost catching your fish or not.

You are in control of this bar. To control it, press, hold and release the 'Use Tool' button. Press the fishing bar to raise it. You hold the fishing bar to keep it in position because once you release it, it will make the bar fall.

To be on the safe side and catch your targeted fish, always make sure that you keep it within the fishing bar. Hold it there until the progress bar on your right is full. The fish are easily caught when you learn and analyze their pattern.

Stardew Valley fishing rods and tackles

Stardew Valley has four distinct rods that you require whenever you want to fish. They include:

  • Training rod
  • Bamboo rod
  • Fibreglass rod - can equip bait – needs Fishing Level 2
  • Iridium rod - can equip bait and tackle – involves Fishing Level 6

Stardew Valley has seven unique types of tackle with each one of them offering a different bonus. Every tackle lasts for 20 uses and, once broken, the fisher can either create or buy a new one from Willy's Fish Shop on the beach.

Tackle will help you fish better. You will get the best quality fish with little effort. The tackles and the bonuses they offer include:

  • Barbed hook - Leads the Fishing Bar to hang to the fish that you are targeting.
  • Cork bobber - Increases the size of the Fishing Bar to some extent
  • Dressed spinner - Supports fish to bite on the line when you are in the casting process.
  • Lead bobber - Stops Fishing Bar from bouncing when dropped
  • Spinner - Pushes fish to bite on your line when casting
  • Trap bobber - Minimizes the decrease rate of the catch progress bar
  • Treasure hunter - Enhances the chance of finding treasure chests

Stardew Valley fishing levels

There are ten fishing levels in Stardew Valley. Whether a new crafting recipe or unlocking a new item, every level will give you a new bonus. Notice that the size of the green rectangle in the fishing mini-game keeps rising together with your level.

Players that reach level ten have an opportunity of unlocking a second bonus for their preferred profession. The levels and bonuses include:

Level one

  • Casting distance increased by one tile

Level two

  • Fibreglass rod and bait. It can be bought from Willy's Fish Shop
  • Crafting recipe for bait unlocked

Level three

  • Crab pots can be gotten from Willy's Fish Shop
  • Crafting recipe for crab pot unlocked
  • Recipe for Dish o' The Sea unlocked

Level four

  • Casting distance increased by one tile
  • Crafting recipe for recycling machine unlocked

Level five

Stardew valley fish
Stardew Valley fishing. Photo: @stardewvalleyfan
Source: Instagram

Select either of the two professions:

  • Fisher - The fish will now sell for 25% more
  • Trapper - Resources needed to create crab pots minimized. It becomes 25 wood and two copper bars.

Level six

  • Iridium rod, lead bobber, spinner and trap bobber are now purchasable from Willy's Fish Shop.
  • Crafting recipe for spinner unlocked
  • Crafting recipe for trap bobber unlocked

Level seven

  • Cork bobber and treasure hunter attract now purchasable from Willy's Fish Shop.
  • Crafting recipe for cork bobber unlocked.
  • Crafting recipe for treasure hunter lure unlocked

Level eight

  • Casting distance improved by one tile
  • Barbed hook and dressed spinner now purchasable from Willy's Fish Shop
  • Crafting recipe for barbed hook unlocked
  • Crafting recipe for dressed spinner unlocked
  • Crafting recipe for worm bin unlocked

Level nine

  • You can purchase the magnet from Willy's Fish Shop
  • Crafting recipe for magnet unlocked
  • Recipe for seafoam pudding

Level ten

  • Angler - The fish will now sell for 50% more
  • Pirate - The chance of uncovering treasure while fishing is doubled
  • Luremaster - Crab pots no longer require bait
  • Mariner - Rubbish items will no longer appear in crab pots

The best-kept secret fishing spots in Stardew Valley

There are several spots in the game where you can make a lot of catches if your skill level is high. These spots have access to the deep dark water depths where you will find lots of legendary fish Stardew Valley treasures. Here are the secret places:

  • Western pier rock: Casting your line near this rock will net you a good catch.
  • Mountain lake near mines: It's best to catch some fish before entering the mines.
  • Leah's cabin: There is a reason that Willy, in the gameplay, fishes here when he isn't in front of his store. The reason is that there is a lot of catch here.
  • Eastern pier edge: This area can be accessed once you rebuild the wooden bridge. In summer you will find Crimsonfish here.
  • Sewers: These are the best spots for fishing at any time of day or night. Here you will find the Mutant Carp monstrous fish.
  • The river north of the Joja Mart: This is one of the best Stardew Valley legendary fish spots. anglers are the most dominant legendary fish species found here.
  • The south end of the Cindersnap Forest waters: The Glacierfish can be discovered here during the winter.
  • Mountain lake: You can find the Legend fish here which is the most difficult to catch. This species only appears during rainy springs nights or days.

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