Feebas (Pokemon Go): stats, best moves, location, counters, evolution

Feebas (Pokemon Go): stats, best moves, location, counters, evolution

Pokémon Go fans worldwide continue to catch the fever of trying to catch and train several Pokémons. Some trainers will risk anything to catch a powerful Pokémon like Feebas. The game is augmented reality because of its ability to use a players' real location to provide Pokémons.

Feebas (Pokemon Go) in its natural habitat. Photo: @pkmneder
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One of the most sought after characters is the Pokemon Feebas. Unfortunately, the Feebas Pokémon Go character appearance makes it unattractive to players at first glance. It has rough fins with black spots on its body and is dull-looking, although there are shining-looking versions.

However, the beauty of this water Pokémon lies in its ability to evolve into a beautiful and strong looking Pokémon known as Milotic. It is safe to say that Pokémon Go players hunt for Feebas because of its Milotic-evolving features.

If you are one of those wondering why you should add Feebas to a list of exquisite Pokémons, you may want to get familiar with its peculiarities.


Feebas is a water-type Pokémon, making it most likely to be around water bodies. If you are playing the Pokémon Sword and Shield version, there is only one place for Feebas: Route 2. Specifically, you can catch it if you go fishing on the left of Professor’s House. However, you will need to upgrade to a Rotton Bike to cross the water.

More so, the character can be found on Route 119 if you are playing Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. There are about 400 possible water tiles beneath which a player can find the character. But then, only six of these tiles are Feebas' actual location.

This means that you will have to throw your fishing rod into over 100 water tiles. You can shuffle these tiles randomly by changing the trendy phrase in Dewford. A Pokémon Go player will stand a better chance of acquiring it under these six water tiles if they use the Super Rod to fish.

Feebas stats

One of the factors that decide your Pokémon’s all-around ability is its statistics, which measure its defence, stamina, attack, resistance, weaknesses, combat power, height, and weight. Below is a quick look at some of these stats:

  • Maximum Combat power - 310
  • Stamina - 85
  • Defence - 85
  • Attack - 29
  • Weaknesses - Electric and Grass with damage levels of 160% each
  • Resistance - It is resistant to steel, water, ice and fire. It has a resistance level of 62.5 against each of these elements
  • Height - O.65 meters
  • Weight - 7.4 kilograms
  • Candy cost for Second Charge move - 75
  • Stardust cost for Second Charge move - 7500
  • Transferable? - Yes
  • Gym friendly - Yes
  • Category - non-legendary
  • Generation - Generation III

Best moves

If you are looking to use this character during gym combat, knowing how to use it best is wise. Feebas' most successful combat move is the combination of tackle and mirror coat. Using these moves will guarantee you a high damage per seconds total. It is also your surest move to victory if you use the character in player versus player battle.

Feebas' most successful combat move is the combination of tackle and mirror coat. Photo: @cam.noah.lee
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More so, in offence mode, the tackle move gives you 10 damage per second. However, the Mirror coat move will provide you with approximately 23 damage per second in offence and defence mode.


As much as you may want the Feebas Pokemon Go to be on your team, there are chances that you may have to battle another player who already has the character in their team. At that moment, you will need to know how best to counter your opponent in a player versus player game. You should also know that its weaknesses are grass and electricity.

Below is a list of the most effective Pokémons that will help you defeat Feebas. Nevertheless, these Pokemons have their respective quick moves and main moves, along with the degree of damage they can inflict on their Feebas opposition.

Thundurus (Therian)

  • Quick move - Thunder Stock and Volt Switch
  • Main move - Thunderbolt and Thunder
  • Effective damage - 100% (Thunder stock) and 98% and 89% (Volt Switch)


  • Quick move - Charge Beam
  • Main move - Wild Charge
  • Effective damage - 98%

Deoxys (Attack)

  • Quick move - Zen Headbutt and Poison Jab
  • Main move - Zap Cannon
  • Effective damage - 96% (Zed Headbutt) and 94% (Poison Jab)

Deoxys (Normal)

  • Quick move - Charge Beam
  • Main move - Thunderbolt
  • Effective damage - 94%


  • Quick move - Thunder Stock
  • Main move - Wild Charge
  • Effective damage - 85%


  • Quick move - Razor leaf
  • Main move - Solar Beam and Grass Knot
  • Effective damage - 89% (Solar Beam) and Grass Knot (88%)

How to evolve Feebas

When you finally catch the character, the next step is to evolve it. Feebas evolve into a more dangerous and super cool Pokémon known as Milotic. Nevertheless, there are different strategies to evolve Feebas.

Walk some distance with your Feebas as a travel buddy

  1. After acquiring a Feebas, click on the buddy button
  2. If you already have another buddy, you need to switch to the character
  3. Click yes to effect the change
  4. Take a walk with it
  5. Complete a distance of 20km
  6. Collect 100 Feebas candy in your trip, but you may choose not to if you already have the candy
  7. Tap it to start the evolution to Milotic
  8. Click Evolve and watch it change into the gorgeous Milotic
Feebas and Magikarp. Photo: @team_jp38
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Feebas will evolve to Milotic if its beauty rating gets to 170

You must feed your Feebas with some Indigo and Blue Pokeblocks. The Pokeblocks help to increase its smartness, coolness, cuteness, toughness, and beauty. The Pokeblocks are made from blending certain berries in the contest hall. But then, the Palmtre Berry, which is a level 50 and above Pokeblock, is best to evolve the character.

The nature of your Feebas will also determine the type of Pokeblock to feed it. The beauty rate of a mild, modest, quiet or rash Feebas increases when it is fed with the Blue and Indigo Pokeblock. You should raise your Feebas' evolution level by one after feeding the Pokémon with 12 high-quality Pokeblocks.

Evolve it into a Milotic by trading it when it is holding a prism scale

Is Feebas better than Magikarp? Some Pokémon Go trainers think the evolved Feebas will defeat an evolved Magikarp in a player versus player battle. It evolves into Milotic while Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, which can fly and stay in the water.

Feebas' hidden abilities include swift-swim, oblivious and adaptability, while Magikarp’s abilities are swift-swim and rattles. But then, remember that the character and Magikarp are almost similar in their natural form before evolving. They are water-type Pokémon, dull-looking and unimpressive in their natural states, although there are shiny versions of Feebas.

Feebas is one of the most popular Pokémons in versions of Pokémon Go. Unfortunately, it is also challenging to locate and acquire this easily overlooked Pokémon. However, it can evolve into one of the most versatile battle monsters on your team once obtained.

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