Skate 4: release date, trailer, developer updates, latest news

Skate 4: release date, trailer, developer updates, latest news

Skate 4 will soon be available in the EA gaming space. It has been ten years since the last gaming Skate edition was released. After requests from the fans of the Skating community, Black Box Games made a surprise announcement about plans to release it last year. Is there a Skate 4 for PS4?

Skate 4
Skate 4 won't be at EA Play Live in 2021, but something is still cooking. Photo: @MrDalekJD
Source: Twitter

Electronic Arts (EA) is yet to share detailed information regarding the new video game. However, the little information fans have read about Skate 4 is enough to make any player it would be released today. Is there hope for EA Skate 4 to come out in 2021?

When is the Skate 4 release date?

Is there still Skate 4 in 2021? Fans of skating games are anxiously waiting for Electronic Arts to announce the exact release date. Electronic Arts informed the public that it is still under development.

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It looks like players will have to exercise more patience until it is perfect for public consumption. Electronic Arts will communicate when consoles will be available worldwide.

Who is developing Skate 4?

EA formed a new studio called Full Circle to develop it. Daniel McCulloch, a former Xbox Live general manager, is heading this Canadian developing studio. He is working with Chris "Cuz" Parry and Deran Chun.

Chris and Deran were part of Black Box, an EA subsidiary and the studio that created the original Skateboard games and closed in 2013.

Skate 4
Daniel McCulloch is heading its developing team. Photo: @XboxSeriesXInfo
Source: Twitter

Platforms for playing Skate 4

If you have been wondering, "is the release of Skate 4 in 2021?" Since it is impossible to release it this year, Electronic Arts will communicate the gaming platforms that will host it at the right time.

Is Skate 4 coming out for PS4? Gaming experts speculate that it will most likely be available on the PS4, PS5, the Xbox S consoles and X Series.

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It is challenging to make predictions for PC players because there has never been a skating game for PC. Nevertheless, Electronic Arts might surprise you since it is the leading worldwide gaming company for creating PC games.

Skate 4's latest news

On Jul 19th 2021, a short YouTube trailer titled We’re Working On It suggested that the game is under an intense development process. People reacted to the video with speculations about its new features.

In the YouTube trailer, one of the speakers suggested having a boarder who can climb and descend boards. A player should also command the human animation to do some complicated and exciting stunts and tricks.

Skate 4
Its trailer is on YouTube. Photo: @Shake_N_BakeUK
Source: Twitter

Like other games, fans expect it to have a multiplayer function, a DLC mode and other cool features. Since the release date is not yet out, there is no information about pre-ordering it. Developers would not want people to place orders now until they are ready.

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Skate 4, no doubt, sounds like a fantastic game. People are yet to know much about it, but the atmosphere is full of excitement. Electronic Arts are under pressure to meet its fans' expectations; therefore, they are taking their time to make the best game they can. listed LG TV prices in Ghana. Which is the best and cheapest option? LG adverts end with the slogan "life's good" because LG electronic gadgets make life easy and fun. Additionally, LG has dealers in major towns to offers customers technical advice and repair services.

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