Drew Bledsoe: 10 interesting facts about the former American football quarterback

Drew Bledsoe: 10 interesting facts about the former American football quarterback

Drеw Вlеdѕое is a former American Football player. He was an outstanding quarterback throughout the 14 NFL games he took part in. The New England Patriots was the longest team he ever played for in his career. Drеw Вlеdѕое was a household name from 1993 to 2001.

Drew Bledsoe
Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe on the field before watching a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at New Era Field. Photo: Timothy T Ludwig
Source: Getty Images

He quit playing after suffering a severe injury that affected his performance. Drew was named among the top 30 greatest quarterbacks in the post-merger era of the NFL in July 2012.

Top 10 interesting facts about the former American football quarterback

The retired NFL player has lived the best life he can from childhood to date. Drew has made so many achievements throughout his life. Here are ten things you should know about him:

1. Drew Bledsoe is in his 40's

How old is Drew Bledsoe? He was born on February 14th, 1972, and thus, he is 49 years old. Where was Drew Bledsoe born? He was born in Ellensburg, Washington, USA. The player's full name is Drew McQueen Bledsoe, and his Zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall with dark brown hair and eyes.

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2. His parents were teachers

His parents, Barbara and Mac Bledsoe worked in Ellensburg, Washington, as teachers. Drew Bledsoe's father was also a coach running a football camp in Washington State. The family settled in Walla Walla, Washington, when McQueen was in grade six.

Drew Bledsoe
His dad was one of his high school coaches. Photo: Al Messerschmidt
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Does Drew Bledsoe have a brother? Football quarterbacks McQueen and Adam Bledsoe are siblings. Adam is six years younger than McQueen, and he graduated from the University of Colorado. Adam played for the school's football team.

Mac's father, Albert McQueen Bledsoe, was a cattle rancher, while Barbara's father was a dairy farmer in Washington state. Their mothers were housewives.

Albert McQueen was a ship's captain in World War II before he became a rancher. Mac and Barbara met in the 8th grade and celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in 2002.

3. Drew was a talented basketball player

The former player is an alumnus of Walla Walla High School and Washington State University. He discovered his talent in football while in high school, where his father was also a coach.

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McQueen also played basketball and was a track athlete in secondary school. After playing for the Washington State University team for three years, he joined the 1993 NFL as a New England Patriots quarterback. He joined the university to study English under a scholarship.

Drew Bledsoe
Drew Bledsoe's son and brother are football quarterbacks. Photo: Ronald Martinez
Source: Getty Images

4. The former quarterback once played for the New England Patriots

He left the New England Patriots for Buffalo Bills in 2002 and got a three-year contract worth $23 million with the Dallas Cowboys in 2005. The football club released him after a poor performance in 2006. McQueen retired from the NFL in 2007.

5. He is married

Who is Drew Bledsoe's wife? He married Maura in 1996. Where did Drew Bledsoe meet his wife? She attended Beaverton High School in Oregon but met her hubby at Washington State in the early 1990s. Their children are Неnrу, Неаlу, John, and Ѕtuаrt McQueen. John plays for Wаѕhіngtоn Ѕtаtе Fооtbаll.

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6. McQueen resides in Bend, Oregon

To answer the question where is Drew Bledsoe now? The former quarterback lives with his family, wife and children. How much is Drew Bledsoe worth? Drew Bledsoe's net worth is $48 million as of 2021.

7. He has a winery

Most of his wealth comes from his football career, Drew Bledsoe's winery and other businesses. In 2018, he launched the Doubleback Winery with his childhood friend in his hometown of Walla Walla, Washington.

He started the Bledsoe Capital Group investment company in 2007 and Eleven Roasters, a coffee roasting company, in 2008. Drew also owns the Flying B Vineyards in Walla Walla.

8. Drew has several awards and accolades to his name

McQueen was named the Pacific-10 Conference Player of the Year as a junior. How many Super Bowls does Drew Bledsoe have? He won one Super Bowl and was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame in 2011.

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The former player received a Washington State University Alumni Association (WSUAA) Alumni Achievement Award in 2010. Additionally, he was selected to the Pro Bowl four times and was the youngest quarterback in NFL history to reach the 10,000-yard plateau.

9. Drew Bledsoe's has a superb NFL record

Drew Bledsoe's stats show his impressive NFL record of fifth place in pass attempts (6,717), 3,839 completions, 13th in touchdown passes (251), and seventh in passing yards (44,611). Follow Drew Bledsoe's Twitter page, @DrewBledsoe. He also has an active Instagram page.

Drew Bledsoe
The former player retired after suffering an injury that almost killed him. Photo: Andy Lyons
Source: Getty Images

10. He suffered an injury in 2001

Tom Brady took McQueen's position in the Patriots in 2001. What was Drew Bledsoe's injury in 2001 and what year did Tom Brady take over for Drew Bledsoe? During one of his matches, his lungs collapsed when Mo Lewis hit him.

Doctors were not sure he would survive, for he suffered a hemothorax. Blood filled up McQueen's abdomen because of a sheared blood vessel in his chest.

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Drew Bledsoe is one of the best football players of all time. His son is gradually following in his footsteps. The retired player's family history goes a long way, and they are close to each other.

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