What is a midi dress? 12 creative styling tips to try in 2021

What is a midi dress? 12 creative styling tips to try in 2021

Fashion is used as a tool of self-expression. It carries the ability to speak for the wearer and tell the world exactly how the person is feeling. Dresses are mainly used as fashion icons. Luckily, every dress in your wardrobe can be styled differently. So, what is a midi dress, and how can it be styled?

What is a midi dress
Midi dresses. Photo: @estermiguel
Source: UGC

As much as people would love to be offered advice on dressing, feeling comfortable is fundamental. Therefore, you should go for the option you like and one that makes you feel like you. However, it is crucial to be creative by applying a few styling tips and hacks in your dressing.

What is a midi dress?

A midi dress is a dress that reaches midi length. What is midi length? It is derived from the term midi, implying any length from two inches below the knees to above the ankles. For most women, a midi dress reaches just above the swell of the calf or just below the calves.

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What is the difference between a mini and midi dress?

A mini dress is the shortest of the three main lengths, namely mini, mini and maxi. The hemline falls from a few inches above the knee for a mini dress to even shorter. On the other hand, for a midi dress, the hemline started below or at the knee and ends before the ankle.

What is the difference between a midi and a maxi dress?

The difference lies in the length of each outfit. A midi dress hits anywhere from below the knee to the lower calf. On the other hand, a maxi dress is a full-length dress that hits the ankles or the floor.

What is a midi dress style?

There are numerous ways one can style their midi dresses. Here is a list of the top 12 most creative styling tips that you should try out in 2021.

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1. Black midi dresses

What is a midi dress
A woman wearing a black midi dress on the street. Photo: @Henry & Co.
Source: Instagram

If you doubt the best midi dress style to lock, you can never go wrong with the black option. The little black dress is one of the most iconic midi length dresses you can easily switch between the day and night. All you have to do is choose the suitable material and styling.

For instance, if you are about to run errands the entire day, you can opt for an oversized version of your midi dress paired with:

  • Cool linen blends
  • Cotton poplin
  • Chunky sandals or sneakers

If you want to dress up for an occasion, you can opt for satin, organza or lace details.

2. Smocked and shirred midi dresses

What is a midi dress
Smocked and shirred midi dress. Photo: @efrenbarahona3
Source: Instagram

A smocked and shirred midi dress is one of the true wardrobe staples for every woman. It is commonly referred to as the nap dress due to the ease and comfort they can be won. Some of the best ways to style them would be pairing them with some of the following:

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  • A pair of strappy lace-up sandals
  • The 1990's style kitten heels
  • A miniature shoulder bag
  • Statement earrings

3. Floral midi dresses

What is a midi dress
A floral midi dress. Photo: @ricky0219
Source: UGC

Are midi dresses flattering? Absolutely yes, especially when it takes the vibe to an entirely new level in a floral print. There are hundreds and hundreds of choices if you fancy the floral midi dresses. They range from:

  • Ditsy prints
  • Bold botanicals
  • English countryside garden
  • Lush tropics
  • Hibiscus blooms
  • Retro paisley prints

4. Puff Sleeve midi dresses

What is a midi dress
Puff Sleeve midi dress. Photo: @jensholm
Source: Instagram

2019 was a good year for the statement sleeve lovers. It brought out many designs, some of which are still trending to date. They are another creative style for midi dress lovers. But, of course, you can never go wrong with the puff sleeve midi dresses.

You can opt to go with bold colours or playful patterns. For instance, the white or pastel design serves as an any-day picnic-ready outfit.

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5. Knit midi dresses

What is a midi dress
Knit midi dress. Photo: @Henry & Co.
Source: Instagram

Knitted outfits never seem to go out of fashion, which is no different for midi-length dresses. In the recent past, various social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have come out to showcase crotchet midi dresses as a majority's favourite.

You can always amp up the retro summer vibes with several additional items. The knit midi dress can go well with:

  • Beaded jewellery
  • Platform sandals
  • knee-high boots
  • Lather autumn

6. Shirt midi dresses

What is a midi dress
Shirt midi dresses. Photo: @ricky0219
Source: Instagram

A shirt midi dress is a perfect outfit for the summer heatwave. You can never go wrong with combining a bottom-up polish with the ease of a midi dress. The same outfit can become the perfect evening staple once you tighten up the silhouette and choose a slinky stretch material.

You can also undo a few buttons for a flash of skin. In addition, you can complete the look with strappy heels making it a perfect outfit for an evening cocktail after work.

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7. Wrap midi dresses

What is a midi dress
A navy blue wrap midi dress. Photo: @estermiguel
Source: Instagram

The wrap dress was invented in the early 1970s and instantly became a classic choice for a flattering silhouette. It also comes in as a handy choice for midi dress lovers. The wrap midi dress is a majority's favourite, mainly because it suits every body type.

8. White midi dresses

What is a midi dress
A white midi dress. Photo: @khaledkagii
Source: Instagram

Nothing screams elegance like a white dress. The outfit becomes even more flashy when it is a flowy white midi dress. To make the attire complete, you should aim at complimenting it with natural materials.

You should add-in:

  • Woven leather sandals
  • Macrame bags
  • Straw hats

9. Satin midi dresses

What is a midi dress
Satin midi dress. Photo: @efrenbarahona3
Source: Instagram

Are you looking for the perfect winter midi dress outfit? Satin is the way to go. It is incredible because it is not only incredibly versatile but also flattering. For evening wear, you can opt to wear the gorgeous satin midi dress alone.

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If you are looking for a day's outfit, you can layer one over a simple white T-shirt. For the cold season, you can go for a jumper or tuck into jeans as a top.

10. Tie-dye and marble-print midi dresses

What is a midi dress
A body-con tie-dye and marble-print midi dress. Photo: @khaledkagii
Source: Instagram

Even though the tie and die outfit was invented in the 1970s, it has remained fashionable. It only undergoes various transformations to make it look more fabulous. In the recent past, the retro kaleidoscopic and marbled prints have been the in-thing.

If you feel unsure where to start with this trendy outfit, you can always start simple. For instance, you can opt for a simple one colour in a classic midi dress silhouette. A perfect example of such is the tie-dye Realisation Par design which has never gone out of fashion.

11. Ruffled drop hem midi dress

What is a midi dress
Ruffled drop hem midi dress. Photo: @jensholm
Source: Getty Images

A ruffled drop hemline speaks class and elegance at the same time. You can take your whole dressing game to a new level once you opt for the ruffled drop hem midi dress. It is one of the midi dress outfits that look flirty and girly, making them perfect for your date night or a girl's night out.

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12. A-line midi dress

What is a midi dress
A-line midi dress. Photo: @ricky0219
Source: Instagram

An A-line midi dress is one of the most versatile outfit choices. Depending on the fabric, pattern and cut of the top half of your clothing, it can be worn on a bunch of various occasions. With an additional pair of sunglasses, heels and a clutch bag, you are perfect to go.

With this article, the question of what is a midi dress should no longer be a bother. In addition, you should aim at trying some of the above-mentioned creative styling tips. Luckily, they are simple, classic and always beautiful ways to wear your midi dress.

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