Destiny 2 Xenophage quest: Detailed guide on how to complete the journey

Destiny 2 Xenophage quest: Detailed guide on how to complete the journey

The Xenophage machine gun is one of the top arsenals on Destiny 2: Shadowkeep video game. It comes packed with explosive ammo that does more damage, extra rounds, and a higher rate of fire. It is thus perfect for all types of enemies in your adventures. However, to get the gun, you must complete the Xenophage quest.

xenophage quest
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The quest is secret, meaning that you will need to activate it first. It might also be complicated, which can be frustrating if it is your first try, and you might get stuck. Below is a complete guide on how to get the Xenophage Destiny 2 quest and complete it for your exotic machine gun reward.

How do I get Xenophage quest in 2021?

The initial step to getting the Xenophage exotic machine gun is activating the quest. You can find it on the moon, inside Sorrow's Harbour. Once you get to the harbour, head north to the Scarlet Keep, and keep left from where you encounter a green crystal.

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Follow the crystal, then take the small path on the right wall heading up. From here, you will come to the main room, where you will find four statues on the wall – two on each side. Interact with the four statues until they are all lit to activate them. The order of lighting them is:

  • Front right statue
  • Back left statue
  • Back right statue
  • Front left statue

Once they are all lit, a chest will spawn in the room. At this point, loot it to claim Destiny 2 the journey quest. Aside from going to Sorrow’s Harbour, you can activate the Destiny 2 Xenophage journey by completing the Eris weekly quests. Now that the journey has started, you only need to follow the Xenophage quest steps to get your reward:

1. Go to the anchor of light and become the "torch bearer"

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The next step of the quest will need you to emerge from the darkness. Head to anchor of light and pick up an orb flame to become the “torch bearer”. The orb gives you a time-sensitive buff needed to light up six ritual plates and lecterns, thus allowing you to "emerge from darkness".

The six lecterns need to be lit in the correct order, which is challenging because they are all similar. Furthermore, after activating the first plate, you will have sixty seconds to find the next one, after which the timer will reset again – and so forth until you light the last plate.

Are you having trouble finding the lecterns in their correct order? You can check out the image which shows their actual location on the map. You can also watch a YouTube video, which shows you how to light up the six lecterns in order.

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Once you light the last plate, you can emerge from the darkness and head on to the next step of the quest. You can light up the plates solo if you are playing alone. However, if in a team, anyone can become the "torch bearer" and light up lecterns for everyone, provided they have activated the journey for the quest.

2. Find the path fragments in the lost sectors of the moon

xenophage quest
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After emerging from the dark, you will need to find the path fragments in each of the four sectors of the moon – anchor of light, archer’s line, sorrow’s harbor, and the hellmouth. Play through each of these sectors as you would typically do in the game.

After beating each boss, a puzzle piece will appear featuring nine hive runes in a 3x3 grid, with another single ruin being above the grid. To solve the puzzle, you need to shoot the nine runes in the correct order for each sector to match the ruin above the grid. Below is a look at the solutions for the puzzle in each lost sector:

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  • Anchor of light (K1 communion) - Shoot the bottom left, bottom right, and top middle twice.
  • Archer’s line (K1 logistics) – Shoot the top left, bottom left, centre, and middle right.
  • Sorrow’s harbour (K1 revelation) – Shoot the middle left, centre two times, middle left, middle top, middle bottom, centre again, and middle right.
  • Hellmouth (K1 crew quarters) – Shoot top right, middle left, centre, bottom middle, bottom right twice, and bottom middle twice.

Shooting a rune causes the others in the same column and row to rotate. Therefore, the solutions above will only work if followed correctly, and you don't mess up at any point. In the unfortunate event you mess up, exit the lost sectors and reset the game.

3. Enter the pit heresy dungeon

After finding the path fragments from the lost sectors, you can now enter the pit heresy dungeon for the next step of your Destiny 2 Xenophage quest. The dungeon has three separate encounters, which you need to complete. The first encounter involves three hive runes and mini-bosses.

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Complete the encounter to open up a room that has several doors. Then, scale and jump over the door without a rune above i. Once inside, interact with it to activate the rune and go to the subsequent encounter. In the second encounter, you will come up inside a room with hive ogres.

Take the left pathway and collect an orb of flame (similar to the one in the anchor light). Take the orb hallway and light more lanterns, then go down the left hallway and drop down from the cliffside. As you are dropping from the cliff, a small plate will appear. Stand on it to activate three other platforms.

Jump on the platform and when you come to the third one, collect a flame and go back the way you came. Sticking to the right hallway, take the flame to the door with two lecterns and light them to open up the final step of the Xenophage quest. You will have to avoid the ogres or defeat them to complete the step.

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4. Face off against the boss

xenophage quest
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The final step of the quest involves facing off against the big bad boss. To win, you need enough damage, which you can get by buffing the 'dread' assigned to you. To do this, you will need to grab the orbs in the find in the first room you entered and dunking them in the corresponding runes in the second room where the boss is.

The orbs are as follows:

  • Void orb – Has an A-like rune and offers abyssal buff
  • Arc orb – Has a V-like rune and offers thunderous buff
  • Solar orb – Has a W-like rune and offers fiery buff
  • Kinetic orb – Has an I-like rune and offers neutral buff

Depositing each orb in the correct spot will boost your damage, allowing you to defeat the boss. Once defeated, go back to eris and claim your Xenophage exotic machine gun reward.

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Can you solo Xenophage quest?

The Destiny 2 Xenophage quest can be played solo or as part of the fireteam. However, solo play is tricky due to several reasons. To start with, some of the buffs needed are time-sensitive, and if you don't complete steps in time, you will have to reset.

Secondly, some of the stages, especially the pit heresy dungeon, are tricky due to enemies constantly hunting you. Being part of a team thus makes it easy to complete without the need for several resets.

The Xenophage Destiny 2 Journey is one of the most exciting adventures you will encounter in the game. It is both exciting and somewhat complicated to complete, which makes it all more fun. And once you are done with the Xenophage quest, you can claim your exotic machine gun that will take out any enemy with ease.

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