All about Oddish Pokemon: stats, moves, and characteristics

All about Oddish Pokemon: stats, moves, and characteristics

You have probably often wondered what the meaning of Pokemon is. It is an abbreviation of Pocket Monsters which is a Japanese media franchise that was created in 1996. It is brought to life through fictional creatures called Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers. Oddish is just one of many creatures on the lists of Pokemon species.

Oddish Pokemon near the river. Photo: @OddishPokemon
Source: Twitter

Oddish is a Pokemon species that belongs to generation I with the national Pokedex number 043. The original 151 fictional species were made part of the core video game series in the 1996 Game Boy games in the first generation.

These were Pokemon Red and Blue. Most of the Pokemon in this generation were pretty simple in design but would be the basis for repeating concepts later.

Everything you need to know about Oddish Pokemon

The Oddish species represents a grass poison dual-type Pokemon from generation I of the Pocket Monsters’ franchise and is sometimes known as the “weed Pokemon”. It is referred to as a dual-type Pokemon because it is made of both grass and poison.

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Appearance of Oddish

Oddish creatures in Pokemon appear as bulb-like plants. There are five green leaves growing on its head. The major use of the leaves is to facilitate vertical movement. They are also used for catching things. This is because Oddish does not have any arms or hands.

Oddish is found in grasslands where it lives. Its small round body is supported by two feet. Because it looks like a plant, Oddish can evade predators and hide from harm's way.

Shiny Oddish evolutions are slightly different to the standard original Oddish because the former has a variety of colour schemes. Shiny Oddish is predominantly dark, purplish-blue with sparkling green leaves, which are slightly lime green than those of the original version.

Oddish profile and base stats

The profile details of Oddish are as follows:

  • It made its debut appearance in anime in the original series.
  • Its first appearance in-game was red and blue.
  • The Oddish Pokemon is found in the Kanto region.
  • It evolves from Oddish to Gloom and then to Vileplume/Bellossom.
  • The first evolution level for Oddish is 21.
  • The second Oddish evolution level is with a Sun Stone (Bellossom) or Leaf Stone (Vileplume)
  • When it comes to its Pokedex entry, Oddish starts moving when it is exposed to moonlight. As it progresses, it scatters its seeds far. Finally, it hides in the cold underground from the sun during the daytime because its growth is only by basking in the moonlight.

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The base stats are as follows:

Pokemon Oddish planter. Photo: @OddishPokemon
Source: Twitter
  • HP - 45
  • Attack - 50
  • Defence - 55
  • SP. Attack - 75
  • SP. Defence - 65
  • Speed - 30

Characteristics of Oddish

Is Oddish a radish? To have the taste of a regular radish, Oddish has to be cooked properly (so that it stops screaming), but it will still have mild hallucinogenic properties. Here are more characteristics of Oddish:

  • Oddish Pokemon GO resembles a small animated onion/turnip plant. The body is usually blue, purple or black. It stands on two small feet and has tiny red eyes on the head.
  • This type of Pokemon is nocturnal. Its body is sensitive, which is why it buries itself below the ground when the sun is up. Pulling its leaves when it is at this stage will make it react with a loud shriek. This is its defence mechanism against predators trying to uproot it as they end up leaving it alone.
  • When buried, Oddish nourishes itself by absorbing nutrients from the ground via its feet as they change into roots temporarily.
  • As soon as moonlight starts to shine, it is time for Oddish to creep from the underground. It wanders throughout the night as it spreads its seeds. By the end of the night, it would have found a new location to station itself for the next day. Such places must be very fertile for their leaves to grow glossier.

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Strengths and weaknesses

The strength of Oddish Pokemon becomes apparent when it is put against water, electric, fairy, fighting, and grass types. Oddish suffers a quarter of damage from grass-type Pokemon.

It also thrives in attacking ground and rock-type Pokemon, but it is weak against fire, flying, psychic, and ice types of Pokemon.

Where do you get the Oddish sword?

It can be found in East Lake Axwell and Rolling Field in a random encounter, mainly when sunny, cloudy or raining. The encounter is visible during the day in East Lake Axwell, Dappled Grove and Watchtower Ruins. During raids, it can be encountered in Dappled Grove Dens E, C & B, East Lake Axewell Den A, and North Lake Miloch Dens B & A.


Oddish new shiny Pokemon. Photo: @OddishPokemon
Source: Twitter

Many strong moves can be applied to aid Oddish evolution. These include the 120 power move that has 100% accuracy. The Petal Dance is a move that lasts about 2 to 3 turns and comes with a 30% chance to confuse the assailants after it is made. Some of the moves include:

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  • Petal Impact
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Solar Beam
  • Double Edge

What level does Oddish evolve?

It is usually recommended to start developing Oddish at level 46 of Pokemon Red and Blue. At this stage, Oddish learns the solar beam move while gloom learns it from level 52. Oddish can start to evolve from level 21, but it won't be used until the 52nd level, so tactically, you should wait until then.

Where is Oddish in Kanto? Route 5. It is a route that connects Cerulean City in the north to Saffron City in the south. A Pokemon Day Care can also be found in this location.

Like any other good game, Pokemon continues to reinvent itself and stay relevant despite being created more than two decades ago. Oddish was one of the first generation species, but several other species have been designed to keep up with the market demand ever since. Some gamers still prefer the older versions that were part of the original species.

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