Students Of Pope John High School Boycott 'Malnourished Breakfast'

Students Of Pope John High School Boycott 'Malnourished Breakfast'

Students of Pope John Senior High School in the Eastern regional are reported to have boycotted their breakfast on Monday because it wasn’t a balanced diet.

According to the students they could not come to terms with having two ladles of ‘Tom brown’ without bread.

The angry students walked away from the dinning hall shouting and chanting war songs. Others also threw their porridge away.

One of the students told Multimedia that they have been eating breakfast without bread since last term. “Often times, the breakfast is also without milk,” the student noted.

It is believed, opinion leaders among the students are preparing to stage a demonstration in the coming weeks.

Management has been tight-lipped over the incident. But some school teachers have revealed that the school is in financial crisis.

According some management members, less than ₵3 paid as feeding fee for each student per day is woefully inadequate. Prisoners in Ghana get ₵1.80 to cater to a day's food.

Some Heads of Senior High Schools have been begging government to release funds to pay for fees it has absorbed because they can no longer bear the constant harassment they face from suppliers.

“For more than two terms heads of school do not have the peace to deliver their core mandate” President of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) Cecilia Kwakye said at a conference.

“Some [suppliers] have threatened court action,” she complained. She described the situation in the Northern sector as “urgent”.



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