Kenyatta University Students Undergo Anti-Terrorism Training

Kenyatta University Students Undergo Anti-Terrorism Training

Terrorism has become one of the most devastating issue among Kenyans in recent times. Not even mega corruption comes close to it. It started a few years ago and has since changed the lives of many Kenyans especially after Al Shabaab militia invaded Kenyan territories and killed a number of innocent citizens.

Kenyatta University Students Undergo Anti-Terrorism Training

The most chilling was the killing of 148 people in Garissa University College in April, 2015, when Al Shabaab invaded the institution in the wee hours of the morning.

Perhaps this explains why Kenyatta University has been the first university in Kenya to offer training to its students on how to defend themselves against terrorists and terror activities.

The university hired specialists on matters security on Monday, October 26, to train the students on what to do when terrorists strike.

Among the things the students were thought is how to run, hide or fight a terrorist.

The trainers told them that the first thing one should do when terrorists strike should be to run as fast as possible to save their lives.

One is advised to run when they can and use any possible exit that can lead them to safety.

If running cannot suffice, the second thing a person should do is to hide where the terrorist cannot find them. This includes locking themselves inside and keeping quiet and still to avoid attracting the killers.

Then the last option one has if the first two fail is to fight back. It is advised that if you cannot run or hide, improvise ways of fighting back the terrorists.

The move by Kenyatta University comes after terrorists made institutions of learning their soft targets.

This will greatly help fight the vice that has threatened the country’s economy.

Video Courtesy: Citizen TV

Image: Mo-Dahir

CREDIT: Tuko News


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