IMANI Objects Creation Of New Voters Register

IMANI Objects Creation Of New Voters Register

Policy Think Tank, IMANI Ghana says the best way to go is for the Electoral Commission to clean the voters register.

Speaking at the EC forum hearing views and suggestions on whether or not a new voters’ register should be created, representative of IMANI, Sam Poku in a six point presentation said, “IMANI believes that a new register per say may not be the solution considering the cost and other resources it will take. If there is a chance to fix the register that should be preferred especially under our present economic circumstances.”

He further noted that: “the register should be placed on a secured website opened to all Ghanaians for viewing; this will call for education in computer literacy”.

“We should also select sensitive data to be excluded like voters’ ID numbers,” IMANI added in their statement.

Mr. Poku also opined that “all entries that voters will be unhappy with should be forwarded to the EC for rectification”.

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IMANI insisted that it should not be said by anybody that a new register is by all means what Ghana needs. “What we need is a credible register; and it may be that a new one will give us that; but that is not automatic.”

“Any registered voter may go to a special part of the website to enter his or her name, Voter ID number to confirm such and the EC upon scrutiny can allow it,” IMANI pointed out.

Finally, the cleaned register shall be used for the 2016 elections and remain on the website throughout the period”.

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been leading the campaign for a new register as it claims the existing one is bloated with names of foreigners and minors.

They have since petitioned the EC, which called for proposals from all political parties and civil society organizations.



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