Ban On Plastics Takes Effect Today

Ban On Plastics Takes Effect Today

The ban on plastic below 20 microns takes effect today, November 1 and producers are obliged to introduce biodegradable materials in their production.

The directive was part of measures to deal with hazards associated with these products and their attendant effect on the eco system.

The Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Mahama Ayariga, announced the partial ban on plastics after President John Mahama complained that the perennial floods in the city may be as a result of plastic waste in the system.

“We have placed a ban on up to 20 microns; nobody can manufacture plastic products below 20 microns. The microns are the test of the thickness of plastics.”

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“You see the ones that they put Gari (kulikuli), those products – the plain, transparent ones – you see that they are so light and when the wind blows they float, it’s because they have very low microns and they are so light so managing it is so difficult so we need to increase the micron level,” Mr. Ayariga said.

Meanwhile, producers of plastics are complaining of a government directive to purchase biodegradable materials from a single source, a situation they describe as “more disturbing”.

“But the issue is that in Ghana, they are trying to make us purchase from one source which is more disturbing,” complained a plastic producer.

Speaking on TV3, the plastic producer stated, however, that “producers are already prepared to produce biodegradables from November 1”.



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