Why PaPa Kwesi Ndoum Could Join Forces With NPP Ahead Of 2016 Elections

Why PaPa Kwesi Ndoum Could Join Forces With NPP Ahead Of 2016 Elections

Editor's Note: Although the knowledge of which opposition political party Dr Papa Kwesi Ndoum's PPP is likely to merge with remains averagely slim, various historical antecedents regarding the political journeys of the Business Morgul suggests that he could be opting for the New Patriotic Party in 2016.

The fight for political power has gained its ground as political parties lace their boots to meet their opponents head on in the much-awaited general elections comes 2016.

But ahead of the elections, political parties, especially those in the minor opposition (PNC, PPP, GCPP, CPP et al) are yet to take the decision of joining forces with their colleague opposition parties.

So far, what we do know of, regarding the ‘political merger’ is the bond between the CPP and PNC. In fact, Chairperson of the CPP, Samia Yaaba Nkrumah confirming this merger is heard as stating, "One of the steps we are taking to ensure that is the political alliance with the PNC. While we are doing that, we are also consulting our leaders and party members about full merger, perhaps in 2017." – Clear statements which indicate the PNC and CPP are together as partners in the quest for political victory.

But one of the main opposition parties, whose merger intentions remain highly speculative and to a large extent calculating is that of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP).

Considering the below average performance of the PPP during the 2012 general elections, with the party chalking just  64,362 total votes totalling  0.59% (less than 1%) questions are rife over whether or not Founder of the party, Papa Kwesi Ndoum could consider merging with his ‘first love’, the main opposition New Patriotic Party.

With the tattered history between Dr Papa Kwesi Ndoum and the Conventions People’s Party regarding specific in-house wrangling which led to him (Dr Ndoum) exiting the gate of the party between 2011 and 2012. In fact, the very words of the Chairperson of the CPP, Samia Nkrumah that ‘once Dr Nduom is out of the CPP the party is cleared of any impediments which has the potential of breaking the front of the party.’ So in effect, all things been equal, the possibility of independent Dr Ndoum going back to the CPP remains very slim.

Considering the other options available for Dr Ndoum, it is highly possible the one-time minister under the Kuffour-led NPP administration could be headed for a historic merger with the largest opposition party, the NPP.

Although proof to the obvious remains highly scanty, reports from the Daily Dispatch in 2014 could be a start-up.  In the investigative piece by the Dispatch, it was shown that rank and file of the New Patriotic Party has formed a secret committee to ensure a possible merger between the NPP and Ndoum’s PPP. This decision, although highly speculative has been known as a very risky move as the Daily Dispatch in its report indicated that  “Advisors of Dr. Nduom, believe that should the party decide to support the NPP in the first round of the 2016 elections, it would mean the virtual death of the PPP.”

Virtual death? Well, it seems the choice of the wording was expected as Dr Ndoum in an interview with Starr FM on November 3, 2015 revealed “As for me, after this election I will be seating in the back room and push young people in front and help them. Whether it is parliament or president or anything; I am done with elections after 2017.”

The import of Dr Ndoum statements seem to toe the line of the ‘virtual death’ description of the secret NPP ‘merger’ committee – A deduction which probably suggests the business morgul could be tying his fate around the chances of the New Patriotic Party.

Much evidence of Ndoum probably joining forces with the NPP can further be encapsulated in statements he (Dr Ndoum) makes of his party’s approach in the run up to the elections when he reveals; “I will be ready to support our party going into a coalition arrangement with other parties ahead of the elections.”

Source: Yen.com.gh

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