Association Of Ghana Industries Reject Proposed Tariff Increase

Association Of Ghana Industries Reject Proposed Tariff Increase

The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) has stated clearly in a statement its displeasure with the proposed tariff increases.

The AGI noted that it will be unfair for the utility providers to offload the cost of its inefficiencies unto the consumer and industry.

The Association raised “serious concern over the inefficiencies of Utility Service Providers”.

The AGI in a statement Tuesday said consumers demand value for money and high efficiency in the delivery of service.

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“The review comes at a time that prospects for energy supply for the rest of the year still remain uncertain. Production capacities and profits continue to decline as Industries shed about 100 Megawatts to augment the national energy stock,” the statement stated.

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Utility service providers - VRA, GRIDco, ECG and Ghana Water Company Limited – have proposed about 100 percent upward adjustment of tariffs.


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